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ISO: Jessica Jewel and Veronica Brazil??
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Hey Doc,

Do you have any info on either of the pornstars listed above.  I know they both used to escort, but haven't seen them lately.  As always, any info would be greatly appreciated.  By the way, still waiting for clearance in regard to hooking up with Kobe Tai.  I sure hope it happens!!



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Jessica Jewel after being busted early last year in OC, CA retired from the Adult Industry, went back to live with her parents and is working on a normal office work the last I heard from credible friends of hers.

As for Veronica Brazil we have said here already that there is not current info on her and I hope is the last time it is asked unless her status changes and someone so kindly let us all know.


Seth A/K/A Th Doctor

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Thanks Doc, sorry for the Veronica Brazil question, I should have done a search before asking.

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Brazil is working at Hawaiian theatre in City of Industry. Had a great couch dance and lead to believe more can be done in private on her off time. nuf said

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My Brother also told me he had a dance from her.  At the time he did not know she was a porn star until he told her.  He said she was very nice and seems to have some sort of rule about not milking married men for everything in their pocket.  As after he told her he was married she only dance a couple of dances, then sat and talked.  After that he wanted more dances and she said he should go home to the wife(in a very classy way too)

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Veronica works at night after 6:30 at the Sahara Theater 3, she goes by Veronica Brazil. I suggest you call them to find out what days she works.

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