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Rates at Bunny Ranch?? Brittany O'Neil???
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What are the rates to see girls out at the Bunny Ranch and places like that in Reno/Carson City?

I've heard the rates are much, much higher than one would expect.  

You can see some porn stars in LA for $$$$$, regular top tier escorts in LA are about $$$.

What should we expect to have to pay in Carson City?

Also, rumor is that Brittany Oneil is out there.  What do you think her rate will be?

TheSpeedRacer 10 Reviews 5012 reads
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Contrary to the impression given on the HBO shows "Cathouse" and "Cathouse 2: Back in the Saddle", parties at the Moonlite BunnyRanch and other legal Nevada brothels can be had for much less than their posted "menu" prices. Even with some of the famous porn stars that occasionally work there. Your best bet, if you're interested, is to spend some time on one or more of the sites and message boards specifically related to LPIN - legal prostitution in Nevada. Though open discussion of prices is still relatively taboo, there are several resources available (including a pricing survey by one of the "founding fathers" of the LPIN online community) which can give you a more realistic and detailed idea of the price ranges found in the brothels.

Remember, of course, the ladies of LPIN almost always have to split their earnings 50/50 with the house (including tips) and this usually results in higher prices than found with equivilent quality independent escorts. Also, most of the porn stars who do appear within LPIN also charge a premium, but often not as high as you might think. Of course for some gentlemen, the legality of the transaction more than offsets any difference in price. One drawback is that all but a handful of the adult stars working in the brothels do so on only a part-time (or "guest appearance") basis. Another difference is that in most brothels, you have to negotiate each "party" by activity and (with the exception of one small, rural brothel) there's no such thing as "fixed prices" for a set amount of time.

But to give you a general idea, in any of the eight major Reno/Carson City area brothels, as well as in the two large Pahrump (Las Vegas) area establishments, you should expect to pay anywhere from $$$-$$$$$$/hour for a basic party (including FS & CBJ, with the possibility of DATY) with a "house" lady. Add more for additional activities and/or a "name" courtesan (including porn stars). Know that BBBJ's are extremely rare (and against house rules) within LPIN, but that DATY may or may not be bareback (if allowed by the lady).

Hope this answers some of your questions about the brothels!

Speed Racer

auto57440 2957 reads
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Pornstars in Cali offer reasonable prices, I was suprised when I checked into it.

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