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Freya Fantasia going on tour 3/12-4/1
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Come see me before I go, or visit me in one of the following cities along the way.

I'm very excited about my upcoming tour and I hope I will meet many new people in all of the cities I will be visiting!  My tour schedule is listed below:

Monday 3/12  San Marcos
Tuesday 3/13  Bakersfield
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, 3/14-16 Fresno
Saturday, Sunday, Monday,  UNAVAILABLE, Yosemite
Tuesday, Wednesday 3/20-3/21  Sacramento
 Thursday, Friday, Saturday 3/22-24  San Francisco
Sunday,  3/25  San Louis Obispo
Monday, Tuesday 3/26-3/27 Santa Barbara
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 3/28-3/31  LAX area

Please visit my free escort site listed below for entertainment ideas, etiquette and verification information, rates and possible discounts prior to booking your appointment with me.

I love doing role play, fetish, and BDSM sessions.  Most of my clients are interested in traditional sessions, though, so don't worry if you aren't interested in alternative sessions!  It's all good!  Many times clients ask what type of session I like the best.  My honest answer is that it depends on the person I'm with.  I really like most of my clients and when we have good chemistry between us, whatever we do seems to flow comfortably and is a lot of fun.

I have more than 70 reviews on this site.  They all recommend me, without acception, and many recommend me quite highly.  Again, I contribute this to the fact that I like guys and enjoy myself a lot doing this type of work.  Please look at a few reviews so you will feel comfortable choosing me to be your companion.

I'm over 35 years old with a college education and worked as a registered nurse for many years before I decided to do this just for a few weeks to get caught up on bills almost three years ago!   Once I discovered that we can all be very safe doing this, thanks to TER, referrals, and other helpful sites, I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my working career!  People describe me as classy and a good conversationalist.  I describe myself as honest and drama-free.

If you think we will be a good match, please contact me by text, phone, or email to book your appointment with me.


Thank you,

Freya Fantasia

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You can watch what my friends and me like to do behind closed doors.  My videos feature many lovely San Diego providers.  I'm always adding more, too!  You don't have to join to get a really good idea of what's inside the site.  This is not the same link as in the previous post.  Just click on the link below and then decide whether or not you'd like to become a member.

Thank you,
Freya Fantasia

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Hi Freya,

I hope you have a great time on your road trip. Stay safe & sexy. Your private site is well worth the price of admission.



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