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ISO's: Donita Dunes & Sadie Sexton
mookie58 18 Reviews 19484 reads
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Any word on Sadie Sexton's availability...yes/no? Also, is Donita Dunes still escorting? Saw her here in Atlanta a while back and had a great time. Thanks in advance.

-- Modified on 6/7/2002 5:53:38 PM

THEDOCTORSW 16526 reads
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The last I heard earlier this year is that Donita still escorts but the contact info I have and that was later updated to me aren't working. It is preety hard to rely on a Cell Phone as a legitimate contact info since the ladies tend to change the numbers very frequently.

As for Sadie Sexton I have no 411 on her but she looks fine.

Seth A/K/A The Doctor

stumble 15 Reviews 17325 reads
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I saw Sadie Sexton at a local strip club about 4 months ago, and she said that she did not escort.  Granted she may have been tring to be safe, but that is what she told me then.


Gyno Jr. 21022 reads
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I saw Donita at a local Strip club and she said she does not escort.

-- Modified on 6/8/2002 9:09:22 AM

prince 1 Reviews 19023 reads
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What was the name of the strip club?  Was it in LA? I know Sadie used to work at Crazy Horse in Vegas but I haven't seen her there in quite awhile.

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