TS Lola Malone
Seven8Nine 5 Reviews 5095 reads
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Hello!  Does ANYONE know of photo shoots, videos, DVD's etc. for this lovely lady:


ajohnson5552 1 Reviews 2342 reads
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I'd be interested to know of any too.  I'm planning on booking an appointment with her when she visits my area.  I can't wait.  It'll be my first.

ElDangeroso 1 Reviews 2718 reads
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I have not seen any photo shoots on any of the TS sites.  I saw her a few weeks ago when she was in Manhattan Beach and an awesome time.  Super sweet girl.  Only drawback is no multiple pops.

ssteveowens 50 Reviews 3065 reads
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as i said before, i just saw her and she told me she did a photo shoot with Mia Fever, so look on Mia's website for some photos.this is one classy lady so i really dont think you will get any raging hardon cock shots out of her, bur mia that is a hot and sexy mama , and she is not timid at all ! there are some outstanding shots of her big fat yummy cock!! (i know first hand how yummy it is)

Seven8Nine 5 Reviews 2653 reads
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Thanks!  Link to Mia Fever's site?

ajohnson5552 1 Reviews 2556 reads
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I just met with Lola today, and I was very pleased.  She really is very sweet and genuine.  Also note, I saw some of the pics from the photo shoot with her and Mia on another forum.  I don't know if it's o.k. to post a link to other forums though.  Someone let me know, and I'll post it.

Seven8Nine 5 Reviews 1938 reads
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Link to Pics - YES PLEASE!

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