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Ligitamcy of Bethany Benz and Top Level Companions?
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Anyone ever tried the subject agency and ladies?  Any info would be helpful.

Thanks in Advance

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Those girls they have in their galleries archives are real, and they do provide. However, the majority of those ladies are independent, or working for a different agency and no longer associate themselves with that agency. The Top Level Companion is a fall back agency, which means, some providers use them for extra networking. They need plenty of time in advance for booking, usually about a month depending on where the provider is. Most of those girls do not work for them anymore, but, they continue to have them in their gallery.

Basically, they post the girls pictures there, and do not have information on their whereabouts. That is, they don't know where the girls are currently touring. If they get a phone call, they will try to get in contact with the provider. If she declines with that agency, then that's it. So, they are real, but not real reliable.

Tall6969 42 Reviews 308 reads
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...to set up an appointment but have not gotten any return responses, aas of yet...I'll try again and keep you all posted on the outcome.

She's worth a try.  If too expensive or too anything else (negative) upon arrival I have no problem walking.  So it wont be a TOFTT but more an investigate one for the team.  ::)).  Too sxy to no investigate.

Thanks again!

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She just posted an ad on the DC board. Maybe she's looking for side action while in the area.

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Seems a tad low for her... so not sure if this is real or fake....

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