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I-70 Hagerstown- Frederick or Timonium The tiny blue eye blonde women love to hate!
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Yes we're still here and actually we never left nor have we been cowering in paranoid fear!

Let's cut the crap shall we? Our business IS based on very clear values and principles. Either you get it or you don't. If you do, then we're interested in doing business with you. If you don't, then move along we're NOT interested.

Raise your standards for Personal Entertainment!!

We are unique in our associations and screening which has continuously produced results for years. While others obsess over the inconsequential and "major in minor things" we continue to focus on the needs of our discriminative clientele.

*Do you prefer to do business with someone who's value system is clear and honorable ?

*Does the concept of "PROFESSIONALISM" and "DISCRETION" matter to you?

*Do you believe successful individuals "DO things" unsuccessful people are not willing to?

If you've answered "yes then you may qualify to be Dreams Client.

Let one of our Escort Companions take care of your intimate needs without messy inefficient relationship entanglements and mental distractions your successful career or business doesn't need. It just makes good life business sense doesn't it?

Dreams Escort Service believes in good old fashioned business values " Do what you say, say what you do." Something I think we all can agree American business needs to return to.

This weeks Public Newsletter with all the things we can't say on TER:

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Allison our  Irish lassie is 5'2, 112lbs, and 33C-26-32 age 25. has become wondrously popular especially with the three hours or more clients.

Many appreciate her devilishly clever and bawdy wit which will make you smile once you've been captivated by those piercing blue eyes and flowing locks of red hair. She has a relaxing influence to calm the most nervous of souls blended with a very nurturing female spirit most men curl up like little boys to embrace. She exudes a librarian by day and heathen devil woman by night air which would make Mae West and Raquel Welch proud.

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Michelle is attractive, educated early 30's brunette with an athletic spinner body,women love to hate. Soft brown eyes, 5'3, 105 lbs. 32B-25-34, a size 00 with nice abdominal muscles and incredible legs. If Allison is the soft maternal fur mitten, Michelle is the formal evening gown black satin glove, over a Tiffany's Sterling Silver mailed fist.

Ideal for formal gatherings, black tie political events, business negotiations, weddings or to help you own a room when you arrive and keep it.  Don't think she's all serious this playful little kitten just wants to have fun. Do you have a terminal case of conquering the world stress ? This is the prescription our doctors strongly recommend  since, Michelle can be taken in a economical dose of 1.5 hours, however 3 to 5 hour exposures are the most common and effective. In the most serious cases a 12 hour dose is highly encouraged.

Michelle is based out of Annapolis MD with service to Easton, Baltimore, BWI, I-270 to Frederick as well.

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Based in Cumberland with Outcalls to Hagerstown - Frederick (Baltimore Timonium with a 2 hour or more min) and incalls and outcalls to  Rockville Available by request.

Claire – Statuesque fantastically 40's, 36B, a size 8 absolutely charming lady with dark blonde hair and light brown eyes.

She has a love of animals and life that is contagious, loves her job and enjoys making sure you are satisfied. Educated, down to earth, the perfect companion for the gentlemen loves authentic people. Don’t be shy if you love a woman who can be assertive then you’ll love this vivacious conversationalist.

Claire is our fun loving, joy full, ray of light with a warm and welcoming personality. Greek cultural tutoring for those who have expressed interest which begins with a 2 hour min. Toys, prostate massage and snap-on tools discussions available.

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Think of her as the classic high school cheerleader but only really kind, soft and genuinely sweet personality. The kind of girl you wake up with breakfast in bed and a little dessert. We feel this young lady is made for this business and she agrees with us.

Based in Carlisle PA with service to south down the I-81 corridor to Hagerstown and I-70 West to Frederick MD 1.5 hr min - Leesburg VA with 2 hour min.  with 8 to 24 hour advance notice  required.

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DivineCompanions VS DreamsEscorts 1.5 hour minimum

For those of you who haven't figured it out, there are two agencies here. and

DivineCompanions is basically a different target audience with a price point $25 to $50 dollars less in some cases and yes there really is general psychological difference between a DivineCompanion client and a Dreams client. We noticed this about two years ago and created a second agency to handle the needs of this niche.


The answers to 90% of the questions that you might have can be found on our websites.

Our expectations and guidelines are very clear.  Either you get it or you don't.

For those of you who do, expect to be respected and have your personal and private needs taken care of with the utmost discretion.

For those of you who don't, move along. Nothing to see here.

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No matter how many times we say it, there is a separation between agency and screening. Regardless the concept is just not getting through to people... oh well.

Everything one needs to know about the Fantasys! division which handles screening is here:

Ultimately, do what works for you either we'll do business or we wont.

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What’s my secret to prosperity?

“What’s your secret?” he asked me in an exasperated tone. “How is it that in a declining economy your business is growing, yet I keep losing my associates and customers?”

On the surface, it seems like such a simple inquiry, yet it is not. I’ve been asked this question several times this year by clients and other agency owners. Like many things in life, it’s what I call a “simple complexity”. As a society, we’ve abandoned a few very basic principles which America’s founding Fathers knew but somehow as a country we’ve forgotten. As a people, we have become the land of the drive thru, fast delivery, the ten second sound bite, and ten secrets to instant anything. Of course, we can’t forget the ever-popular “Can’t I just take a pill?” to cure obesity and other diseases of affluence. We have become so focused on material things and social status that we’ve lost sight of what I call “the fundamentals.”

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It is the policy of Dreams and DivineCompanions that we do not hire women if they have been in the business more than 30 days nor do we recruit existing providers or strippers. We realize for many providers things are tough and we are FLATTERED  to be your FIRST choice.

However ladies, I'm sorry I only work with those who have NEVER been in the business. In the last month we have had more well known providers apply (over 20) than at any other time in our history. WOW! ( Don't ask we will not name names)

Even-though working directly is highly unlikely, I do consider other providers to be part of our referral network when we are not able to meet the needs of our clients.

Finally, to the provider running around town claiming she worked for us, cease and desist this bold face lie. You were rejected by us last year for failing your background check and hiding your criminal history.

End of story

Lee Dreams

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