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Re: depends what you mean by Sick shit ? Ive not seen some
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feel sorry for one of your favorite providers after reading the details on a review and wonder how they put up with some sick shit

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Unfortunately, it comes with the territory.   And maybe the review was harsh but could of been fair?  So simple answer is no because who knows what really happened.

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I try not to read every review for that reason. TER is a great tool for staying safe, and having a good idea of who is going to open the door. But I personally think that is enough.  I can understand why a guy would want to know all the details from lots of guys. It just isn't how I am wired. So I choose not to read them.
Think of it this way. If I told everyone the details of what I go through at a crazy day at work.
No one on this whole board would want my job.

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Posted By: PourSomeSugarOnMe
A really hot girl was asking me about you, Just yesterday. Wanna know who?
Posted By: alfalfa1965
i don't respond to an alias

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