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Nuru in NYC
lancelot321 6698 reads
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Can anyone recommend a nuru massage experience in new york?

I've found 2 services advertising nuru massage -

Wondering if anyone has tried them and wondering if I can get more than a tug...

Sexy Toni See my TER Reviews 2496 reads
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exencinoman 23 Reviews 6674 reads
3 / 10

I reviewed Emma from Club Mirage.  She was awesome and I highly recommend her.

lancelot321 2588 reads
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thanks for the tip on nuru. Btw, can i expect FS or just the standard tug with the nuru

heat23 10 Reviews 1971 reads
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The Nuru Massage has been hot for a while now...very sexy & sensual if done properly... But I have yet to read a single review or here about anyone who can pull this off the way that I have seen it advertised... Super sensual body slide, massage... Bbbj etc... Not looking for Bbfs aspect... Has anyone experienced or heard anything differently?

exencinoman 23 Reviews 2047 reads
6 / 10

Club Mirage doesn't offer FS, but the Nuru is pretty amazing, even if it is more of a "tug" experience.

jwk9 2 Reviews 2480 reads
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I've had the nuru massage at Club Mirage as well, only with Sasha.  She was cute, but just keep in mind that they do nuru on a massage table.  I've had the real nuru experience back in San Francisco before, where it's done on an air matress so that the masseuse can slip her body both on top of you and under you.  At Club Mirage, it's just on top of you.  Still, though, for the price, Club Mirage isn't bad.  

I'm looking for a real nuru experience myself, so if anyone has any leads, I'd appreciate it, too.  


KennedyWorldwide See my TER Reviews 1219 reads
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Hello Gentlemen

I provide the Nuru Body Slide...The Nuru massage is done with hands
while the Body Slide is done with the Masseuse entire body..  big difference..  So watch out for those that advertise the Nuru Massage you may only get just that... a HJ.

Check out my reviews and website when you get a moment!


Kennedy Worldwide

delalunanyc 1132 reads
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If the massage parlor doesn't use real and authentic Nuru the experience can be less than what you paid for. The reason why Nuru is more expensive at places is because the AUTHENTIC AND TOP QUALITY NURU gel is expensive. I've worked at places where they use a generic cheaper nuru brand or they use nuru but water it down so much that it doesn't offer the high quality bodyslide you were hoping for. We learned here that it is best to not mix in the water or not the recommended 2 parts of water. We use a water bottle since water activated the Nuru. That way it is easier to control the consistency and keep that thicker texture that allows the Nuru specialist to glide up and down your body with great ease. Also, places that use authentic high gloss PU Nuru Sheets. They are very expensive but they really do add to the nuru experience. They high gloss sheets just feel better. When places use the plastic covers the clients stick to them. Which really dampers the experience.  It really is the small details in Nuru that make all the difference. The room also needs to be warm. If the room is not at a set warm temperature... Being cold and wet covered in Nuru gel does not feel pleasant. You want to go where they make sure the room stays a nice 75-80 degrees, and they understand the importance of that. Also because Nuru is so messy of a session you really want to make sure you are going to a place that is SUPER clean. I don't even want to think of the places that don't do what they are suppose to, to properly sanitize and disinfect their workspace. Clean sheets must be used each and every time. Also, the personal hygiene of the girl has to be immaculate. She is covering herself in Nuru Gel and Sliding against your body. If she does not take proper care of herself that's how things spread(something as small as a skin rash to something more extreme if you are not careful)  SELECT YOUR NURU EXPERIENCE CAREFULLY! It is a beautiful, fun, playful and just overall personal and highly enjoyable bodyrub experience like no other!! Just always make sure that Quality REALLY counts : )  

Posted By: lancelot321
Can anyone recommend a nuru massage experience in new york?

I've found 2 services advertising nuru massage -

Wondering if anyone has tried them and wondering if I can get more than a tug...

tomdt30 1 Reviews 609 reads
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I saw Chrissie at temptation bodywork, she was incredibly sexy. I'd definitely suggesting giving them a call, not quite sure on FS though, doubt it's on the menu.

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