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I think it may be gone. You can correct me if I'm wrong....
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Today I found that my personal information is posted on two twiter accounts. One is a twiter site where providers send in information and it is tweeted for them by a third party. The second is on a providers account who retweeted it, I have never seen her.  This is all my information but my address.

I believe I know who originated the post and have sent them a mail. Is there anything more I can do to have these open post taken down? I feel outed to the world. I can live with a black listing on a site that requires a log in but not this.

NeverPoliticallyCorrect 1724 reads
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Since you only have 2 reviews, you are seen as a newbie. With that said if a provider blacklisted you then  most of the time there were good reasons to do so...such as, trying to take the condom off...trying things that are not on the menu...thats just a few reasons...

If you did nothing wrong...which is possible...although there are many reasons why you could have been blacklisted...then you should try to apologize even though you feel you are not is better to be proactive by trying to fix the situation than make the provider even more angry and escalating it.

natashalynne See my TER Reviews 1641 reads
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but I believe I know the twitter acct / list you are referring to, and if I'm right, it is gone.

Yesterday there was a big to-do about it where several local folks got into a tweet-argument with "it" and today it is not online.  You know the people who were involved.  

thomek 2 Reviews 1813 reads
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The twitter is down. Google still shows the search result. All in all i'm glad. To me posting outside of password site is not cool. I do think the idea of a private area that you ladies can post about us guys is good. If we can write a candid review then y'all should be able to do the same. The negative review I received was fine until people outside the hobby could see it and infer that something less legal was going on. Also the fact that it was a third party post bothered me. If you got something to say you should own that as well.

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