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only if we ever meet honey
DrAphrodite 4901 reads
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First, to break the ice and meet some of you, I would like to ask the ladies which Greek Goddess are YOU ?

If you are not sure, here is a quiz that might help.

 Men with overwhelming feminine tendencies feel free to chime in .

swimtrekr 55 Reviews 2992 reads
2 / 10

I'm strictly hetero, so I would not respond to the questions.  Just seems to me to be a strange way to introduce yourself on this forum.....


Claudius42310 13 Reviews 2349 reads
3 / 10

my feminine tendencies are overwhelming. (there are rare debates among my friends as to whether i have feminine tendencis or am very open and eccentricaly macho.)

nevertheless, your quiz indicates that if i were a goddess i would be Athena.

Claudius42310 13 Reviews 2288 reads
4 / 10

that TEH has reached a cul-de-sac without the LoveGoddess.

The_Mrs. 2998 reads
5 / 10

i came up with 2 catagories = Hera and Aphrodite

Bostonguy57 48 Reviews 2734 reads
6 / 10

Assuming that you are the new mod on this board it would serve you well to realize that the majority of participants here are men.

Claudius42310 13 Reviews 2535 reads
7 / 10

that's like a Ms Hell-Hath-No-Fury - Ms Irresistable combo! the Queens of Drama and Desire in one packaged. i'm doomed...... ;-)

The_Mrs. 2761 reads
8 / 10

i am quite small but am equipped with the temper of a large vixen

Claudius42310 13 Reviews 2241 reads
9 / 10

i have history with small sensual women with a temper on steroids. ;-)

JustAGal See my TER Reviews 2828 reads
10 / 10
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