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Andyswukk 5448 reads
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Any tips for some fun in denver? There's a bit of a problem as I don't have any screening info as I've only just found out about this. Completely understandable ... Any advice gratefuy received!

OingeBoinge 124 Reviews 6061 reads
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maybe if you have as much proof as possible available that you live in the UK that would help some.  

hiddenhills 138 Reviews 6413 reads
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Think about joining a screening service like P411 or date check. Not sure how it works for foreigners, but if it a try. If you can join, I know that P411 provider ads will mention "newbie friendly".  That doesn't mean you get a free ride on screening, just means they'll work with you to get you screened. Finally read the FAQ for Newbies board. Use the TER General Boards drop down window to locate.
Once you've found it read the "self help center" especially if you've never hobbied. I've also included a list of top providers. And trust me on this, all the top providers screen.

Melinda Madison See my TER Reviews 5329 reads
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Don't wait til the last minute. connect with the lady/ladies you are interested in..plan on being forthcoming/honest and being able to show what she needs to verify that you Are who you say you are. An internet savvy and hobby savvy lady...will know what to ask you. :)

Andyswukk 4985 reads
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Thanks for the advice. Have already done so and had some favourable responses. It's a bit of a slow process what with the time difference but things are looking hopeful. Let's hope it works out!

AlluringAva See my TER Reviews 6115 reads
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See my message I sent you about it. There are many beautiful ladies in Denver and a couple of really good message boards/escort boards where you can find them. Good luck and have fun! Plus Denver itself is a great city with a lot to see and do.

Andyswukk 4928 reads
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Ahhh... Alluring Ava. How I wish I'd known about you earlier. Japanese and Hawaiian. The sort of stuff I go sleep thinking about. I'm actually here right now in denver and very jet lagged. I didn't sign up for the VIP membership simply cos I wasn't here long enough. If you'd care to resend the message to my personal email address I'd be interested. I think I may be sorted. Enough to keep me occupied while I'm here. Although I might be able to squeeze some additional time if the situation is right.

Andy4tune at yahoo dot com should do it.

Thanks for your reply and my dreams tonight!


AlluringAva See my TER Reviews 5196 reads
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Don't know if we can personally recommend escorts to see here ( so if the post gets deleted I won't be surprised) but I'd be happy to recommend some of the best and most beautiful friends and aquaintances of mine. There are many LOL.

Andyswukk 4649 reads
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Well it all worked out well.  Kind of difficult to arrange anything as expected, but managed to hook up with an indy who was so nice that I saw her twice.

What a fantastic time. Beautiful state, great experiences, really nice people.

Thanks to all for  for taking the time out to help.

Take care

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