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I thought this week would be a good time to watch for major earthquakes...
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admitting to major loses.. I know our news doesn't report on what is happening to the euro much... BUT, the euro is going down, country after country..

and one must wonder if the chinese state run bank takeover of American banks has something to do with what's about to happen in the economy

EU markets tanking along with US futures http://www.marketwatch.com/

Why Mari would take more money and invest it when greece, spain, france, and Italy's markets are ALL tanking is beyond me.. Hope you don't lose your shirt mari

mrnogood 231 reads
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You short attention span is showing again!

Willy this is a science! and this is a GREAT week for quakes, as earth is being bombarded by solar flares from the biggest sun spot on the sun this week..

You are almost as bad as pri the way you walk yourself into the dumbest situations in which your totally WRONG, and way off

and this is only SOME of the quakes.. robert posted about the one in Mexico where your messiahs daughters were..


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mrnogood 227 reads
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I've made no predictions... ONLY said we're gonna watch and see what happens..

You lack the ability to comprehend what you read willy, this is YOUR problem, not mine.. Your foollishness is to dumb to get another reply from me..

Peace willy

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willywonka4u 11 Reviews 247 reads
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oh, wait, sorry. I'm getting mixed up with your prediction of a major quake hitting March 22-25.

I guess that didn't pan out.

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Well if we get QE3 thru QE10, we will all be walking around with wheel carts full of worthless dollars! Expect gas prices to shoot up to $10/gallon. A gallon of milk $10/gallon. Bernanke has got his nuts  caught in a liquidity trap and he knows it.

mrnogood 482 reads
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How ever, the economy is so manipulated, I'm not sure how this will effect us.. After all it's all fake money collapsing.. How, or what they'll do about this fake money they created collapsing on them, I don't know..

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marikod 1 Reviews 880 reads
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Always a good idea to read your own link. Had you done so, you would have understood the estimate is for everyone's losses if Greece exits, not JPM's losses. If JPM faced a 400 billion loss that would destroy the company and we would not be talking about the .01 loss caused by the Whale.

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......the total notional value of all derivatives is approx $600-$800 quadrillion of which JP Morgan owns about $250 quadrillion worth. There isn't enough money on planet earth to bail out JPM or any other financial institution, if the derivative market implodes.

mrnogood 340 reads
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and Greece can not get another government until they exit the euro, and this is looking like it is really going to happen.. I know your news doesn't talk much about what's going on over there..

Basically, in Greece the government still fears the people.. and Greece is in shambles, and the people are fighting so hard, no government is brave enough to do it.. To sell them out


They may buy a few more weeks.. But this shit is hitting the fan now.

When Greece exits the euro, they default and leave big banks like BAC and Jp Morgan holding the bag, for all the credit AND dirty bets the made in the form of derivatives

They'll be saying FUCK YOU, Like Iceland did, right before they forgave everyones debt, and begun the process of arresting the bankers..

It may look bad, but these people are standing up to these criminal banks! THIS is the beginning of a revolution that will free ALL men of this debt slavery

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JLWest 447 reads
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Posted By: salonpas
......the total notional value of all derivatives is approx $600-$800 quadrillion of which JP Morgan owns about $250 quadrillion worth. There isn't enough money on planet earth to bail out JPM or any other financial institution, if the derivative market implodes.
Both of you seldom get anything right. There are many kinds of derivatives. The vast majority are perfectly harmles no matter where the goes. I currently have about 45k worth right now. Mine have a common name called stock options.

Puts, call covered call leaps, spreads there all derivatives. Derived from the underlying insturment.

mrnogood 510 reads
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I'm talking about EVERY bet they ever made and called a derivative collapsing.. It will be a domino effect, and the result of what happens when Greece defaults, and people can't pay up..

But, who knows maybe we will pay up for the whole world, maybe bernanke will fire up the printing press, and the Americans will just roll over and take it in the ASS

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