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You guys need amsterdam back as a host, to wake this place up!!!!

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What cha wanna talk about boo?

lungman 10 Reviews 7188 reads
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Start by saying how pretty u r.
Are u from Denver? Were is everybody?

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Posted By: lungman
Start by saying how pretty u r.
Are u from Denver? Were is everybody?
Aww thanks:)
Not a native but have been here awhile.
I'm not sure lol
So why did you choose the name Lungman?

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Yep, bring a pillow and a blanket!

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This board is what it is, nothing's changed since this board was added by TER when they added a number of new cities. Amsterdam has tried her best for many months to breathe some life into this board. Do you even live  or hobby in Colorado?

lungman 10 Reviews 7011 reads
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Hmm, what makes the difference where i live, breath, eat and sleep.
Does it offend u that i post on here?
If so, your welcome to tell me why.

hiddenhills 138 Reviews 7414 reads
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And one more post and you'll be tied with Amsterdam for the top poster on this board.  And lets see when to you start posting on this board?

Portia Eden See my TER Reviews 6262 reads
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with sumpin' hard between my legs!!!

Ya know, quite frankly I was thinking the same thing a few weeks back....this was a pretty "quiet board"..... almost two weeks go by with out a new posting a few weeks ago......  

but I did NOT let that deter me.   oh no I didn't.
I'll be IN Denver next week.....maybe shake things up a bit???   I'm not a big poster though.....  just a ___________  hint:   starts with a c  , ends with a t....  two words....sounds like "some butt"     know what it is??   maybe a pm is better than a reply on here....  LOL.  

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Oh nurse, u need to take my temp, because you are making me WAY HOT!!

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