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ooohraven 10244 reads
1 / 4

Hello guys are you looking for the ultimate experience? Look no further! Read my reviews and give me a call for the time of your life! I'm educated and love what I do and it will show.

fast ffred 12943 reads
2 / 4

Speechless.  That don't happen very often.

HalfHour 10819 reads
3 / 4

"Built like a brick shithouse"

Absolutely unbelievable!


hiddenhills 138 Reviews 12040 reads
4 / 4

I'll agree with the other two posters, even though neither of these gentleman write reviews. Make sure to check the juicy details out of my review, don't let the previous reviewer's 10/10 make you think I didn't thoroughly enjoy myself since I gave Raven an 8/8.

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