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Has anyone used them before? I couldn't find a review on this agency and I'm interested in meeting Yasmine or Gina: but I couldn't find reviews on them either.

Also, is it just me or does the picture of Yasmine on the link above look like Sunny Leone?


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The pictures in the gallery are not the same girls when you click on their other pictures. Yasmine does look an awful lot like Sunny (It is probably a picture of her) but the gallery pictures are of a different girl entirely.

No reviews on any of their girls and also no reviews of the service itself, under site reviews.

I think it would be a safe bet to say they are probably not very reputable, but they might just be starting out so you never know.

You can always toftt. If the lady you book is not who shows up, you could politely decline you visit.

Just my .02


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Since it was published, her profile has mysteriously disappeared.

Stay Away!

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Thanks everyone! I'm a newbie so I'm still getting used to how things work but I thought I'd ask on here first. I think I'll wait on this, but if I do decide to take the plunge I'll write a review.

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Burnham45 is an absolute liar.  He has never went on a date with one of our girls like he wrote in his review.  Real a shame that someone would try denigrate a brand when they have never used the service.

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Rather then try and speak bad about the competition because you are afraid they taking share from you why don't you put your money where you mouth is and try the service before commenting on it.

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