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smilin6969 40 Reviews 1057 reads
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Has anyone seen or heard from Julia lately? I have spent sometime with her and grown to really care about her as a friend. Last time I heard from her was about 3 weeks ago. She was talking about going back to Seattle to get her car and some more belongings. Since then I have not be able to reach her. I'm kind of worried.

wingman1346 77 Reviews 1010 reads
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on the Seattle Regional ad board.  Couple weeks old but maybe working there.

smilin6969 40 Reviews 1005 reads
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Thanks Wingman, I did see that and that was the time she was suppose to be down there. But she told me she'd be back the next week with her stuff. Maybe she stopped off in another town for a bit.

Nago8 3 Reviews 999 reads
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If someone doesnt answer your calls, moves to another town and didnt tell you,  and wont leave a forwarding # what the hell does that tell you? "Friends" wouldnt do this to one another.  If you really care about her leave her alone.

bigRV 52 Reviews 1540 reads
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Yikes Nago!

I talked to Julia last week and she told me she is moving into her own place here on the 1st of June and went home to Seattle to get furniture, car, etc.  AFAIK she is fine though I haven't talked to her in about 10 days.

vorlon 108 Reviews 695 reads
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He was just trying to find out if and when she would be back.

HobbyCity 783 reads
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maybe some of us should take things at face value and avoid reading too much into stuff or making mountains out of mole hills.

It might also help to give her enough time and space and allow her to get done whatever she needs to do. We can only hope it helps her overcome her issues with Katie Monroe syndrome.

wileycyotee 10 Reviews 682 reads
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She doesn't answer phone, mailbox is full, no responses to text or emails. It is all quite simple and summed up in an old ancient Chinese secret proverb. "Your actions speak so loud, I can't hear what you are saying."

krackt 9 Reviews 799 reads
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Heaven Elise See my TER Reviews 495 reads
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You are my friend smilin69 and I appreciate that you were looking out for me. It's nice to know that in this big lonely world, there are a few people who truly care and are concerned with my well being. Thanks for not only being a good friend but a fun, kinky partner as well. Thank you to the gentlemen that let him know I was doing okay.

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