I'll tell you gj.
martythewall 36 Reviews 1354 reads
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swimtrekr 55 Reviews 664 reads
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Doesn't really make any sense......not to allow a best under 25 thread, if a best mature one is ok.


gatorjimmy 30 Reviews 1097 reads
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A guy a couple threads down was preparing to visit Florida & asked the board suggestions for the best MILFS around ( I suppose that is who he is interested in seeing).....& people made their suggestions, & of course some MILFS jumped aboard for the ride.


Now, if he would have asked for some suggestions for some of the best under 25 year old providers, people would have made suggestions from their experiences, & the young'uns would have jumped aboard for a free ride. Nothing wrong w/that either.

Who is allowing & not allowing?

Also, there's a difference when someone starts a thread & is asking for suggestion opposed to some guy starting a thread & saying "You should see Mary, she's hot!" & then gives a link...that would be a shill, ie, currying favor to the provider & not allowed on the board.

You've been around long enough, seems like you would understand. Hope that clears it up for you.

Alias_Schmalias 393 reads
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It has been an unspoken understanding that "who is the best" posts aren't much more than a chance for the shills to come out in force.
This is why posts of that type weren't allowed on many regional boards.

The OP is most likely wondering why his post was up for a short time then taken down.
When someone from a city, who has been around a while and has multiple reviews for that city, then asks who is the "best" in that city it comes across as nothing but a shill starter.

There are some who feel that any kind of "who is best" post is pointless and lazy.
The information is out there, easy to find, and easy to search. Each person should do their homework to determine who is "best" for them.

swimtrekr 55 Reviews 806 reads
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Marty told me in a PM that he started, or tried to, start a thread about the best under 25 provider, similar to the best mature provider.  I never saw that post since it was not allowed, so I wondered what he was talking about.  Since the guy who started the best mature provider thread was basically posting an ISO from an out of town guy, they allowed him to do to do that.  What surprises me is that admin allowed an ISO post on a regional board.  When I was a mod, we were told to move a post like that to the ISO board, so maybe they changed the rules.  My bet is that Marty just asked who is the best under 25 provider, instead of making it an ISO post in a city he wanted to visit, which is probably why it didn't get approved.


gatorjimmy 30 Reviews 420 reads
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probably correct with your response on 25 year olds, he's never very well thought out when he makes his posts. I think TER now allows ISO's on the boards because they are desperate for any form of discussions. Don't know why you have an ISO board if they allow it on the regional, just due away with it IMHO, or use that board properly.

But who am I to question?

swimtrekr 55 Reviews 1390 reads
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I thought ISO's belonged on regional boards if it was an ISO that was specific to a particular.  IMHO, I think it will get more attention that way as opposed what it would get on the national ISO board, simply because if a provider has no reason to read the ISO national board, why would she take the time to sort thru it to find something specific to her area, and maybe herself.

When I was the Ohio mod, I always allowed ISO posts because the board was new, and still pretty slow.  I have advised guys that ask to try the regional board, reasoning that if it's a slow board, admin might allow it.


martythewall 36 Reviews 1029 reads
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I know that people are seeing new talent but are not writing reviews, Good or bad.  Just thinking a mini review might be easier and when it seemed OK for the other end of the spectrum I figured why not.

gatorjimmy 30 Reviews 782 reads
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