Shar Archer,sweetheartcompanion
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Just a heads up guys. My 1st visit with Shar was great. Then I read her blog about being in a bind. I,being the gentleman that I am,offered to pre-pay my future visits. She accepted and was very happy. In early augest,she hurt her back,I drove her to the ER,for the next few weeks,I helped her with rent,food,and supplies. All of this was to be considered pre-pay for sessions. By september,she was well and back on her feet again. She started seeing other clients(ok with me)but,she would no longer service me. Sumthing bout how my good deeds would count for good karma or something. She even suggested,that I see her provider friends,this never happened. To date,she took over $1600.00 from me without services. Please,be careful around this one,She has a good history. Her incall in Chillicothe,is an old trailer. The furniture is junk,she services  in the living room,no bed here. Yes,this is my fault for being stupid,but to change agreement after monies are paid is just dead wrong. Just be warned fellas,don't get scamed like I did.  Oh yea,her latest blog bout virgin islands,,haha,didn't know it was in ross county.

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I've also heard thru grapevine(friend is deputy),that ross county sheriff has trailer park on their radar,compliants from neighbors. Just a heads up.

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It's OK to help a lady in need, even if you don't get full value eventually.  I've done it too.  I try not to make a habit of it however.

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yea, I thought she was speacial,kinda nice to learn her private side. She lost everything in Cleveland,due to a fire. I was there almost daily,even did maintance on trailer best I could. It really caught me off guard,when she more or less told me to get lost. Lesson learned,I will not get that envolved with an escort again. Someday,I'll find a steady,reliable gal and become a regular. Thanks for the feedback,good to know there's still decent gentlemen out there.

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Ha,ha. In her latest blog,she's asking for a car,for her daughter. Can you say tacky? Funny,she says she just got back from The Virgin Islands (she never did). Be warned,scam waiting to happen.

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She sent me a text today,asking me for some money to get her by,haha. Guys,you have to check her website and latest blog. If you are unemployed or self employed,she wants a $600.00 deposit!!  I'm done with this one,cutting all ties. She's getting desparate n dangerous,watch out,you don't want her to take you down with her.

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She sent me an email at 1.30am. Something got her worked up. Says she is contacting sheriff office and going to take me to civil court for haressment??  Time to change all e-mail accounts I guess. Guys,she is bad news and desperate for cash. No hr of fun,is worth all of this drama. She is out to ruin people.

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