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Gentleman I don't know about you But I'm getting a little tired of the back page game. There are so many date check and preferred 411 women out there. These women will  not travel north of boston because they believe there is no business up here..if all of us can get together and get pre verified and start emailing them with invitations to come to maine most have told me they would be happy to travel here. I would like to see our game in our state improve how about you I would invite all to respond

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There are many women local to Maine and within New England who are well reviewed whom would be more than happy to see gents in the area. I think the biggest issue has been Backpage lately. Many gents shop there due to convenience and affordability. I'm not stereotyping or passing judgment either way on clients who shop there or ladies who advertise there. We've all been there. However, safety and discretion needs being what they are and the desire for quality service being what it is...I am sure that even in this economy the gents and ladies can meet on some mutual ground so everyone is playing safely and happily. We all have our needs, and smiling faces are what we all want at the end of the day.
Sometimes it's not about the cost of the pussy but what the pussy might cost you. It is all about being cautious, those screening sites are there to help all of us. Now go have fun and wash up when you're through.

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I agree with the lack of providers touring Portland,Me. I see ladies touring in Boston that include northern Mass. and even Nh. in their intinery. I would encourage the ladies to take a look at Portland also.

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I hope this post makes a difference and takes off like wildfire. Common men and ladies lets make Maine a fun place to hobby and improve the economy .....keep this post alive hobby on friends be safe

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They used to have a good one there.

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First, the moderator took it private.  Not a bad idea, but, number of members decreased to just a couple hundred.  Second, one day this past spring it just went away.  I tried to contact her to no avail to see could be done to get it back on-line.  It was a very useful site for me as I had many regulars on there.  Once it went down I was forced to start posting on BP because that's where it seems all the Mainers visit.  When I lived in Bangor because most of the guys used agencies or the Yellow Pages.

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other than BP more providers would visit.  Having worked quite a bit while living there for a couple of years I found it a great place ( Portland, at least ) to see gents.  Now that I've relocated to Boston I haven't traveled to Maine work for the biz since August.  Even when I lived in Maine I hardly ever posted on this board because I felt there wasn't much presence.  There have also been a few stings/busts which I can only assume originated from BP.  If I can't post anywhere then it isn't really cost effective to travel there.  If more men could be lured to TER and the verification sites Maine would get plenty of ladies, like they did in the past when I first started.  I have suggested TER to several gents and they always come back stating I'm just trying to get them sign up for a paid website!  Yeah right, because I get commission.  Some people just don't understand when a simple suggestion is being made and then they wonder why they busted and/or ripped off.

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Perhaps a provider or two and a Hoobyist or two can ban together to try a cocktail party Meet & Greet up in your neck of the woods?!
Maybe that may be a stimulus to getting nearby providers to add dates on their touring calendar for towns near you.
I'm from way down in Connecticut. So, I'm not close. But this past weekend traveled up to Portsmouth NH (on the NH/Maine border for those who don't know), and I couldn't find anyone very close to that coastal city through my preferred site of Date-Check, even though the city is great, nicely populated, but an hour away from three other larger cities: Boston, Portland ME, and Manchester NH.
So, I didn't hobby :(
Another thougt... Hobbyists: Write to providers you see who tour to nearby states and invite them to your city... Tell them you will enjoy they companionship when they do, and be sure to book an appointment if they do.

hety37903 2 Reviews 4431 reads
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I thank every lady that verifies me .guys need to start realizing what needs to be done to get higher caliber ladies like yourself to visit our state . Thank you for your imput

hety37903 2 Reviews 2913 reads
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Posted By: hiltonheir
They used to have a good one there.
that service has dissappeared lol

hety37903 2 Reviews 2729 reads
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Men here are so scared of being outed  or they just don't realize what it's like to experience a moment with a elegant woman .they have become bp lazy

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Too bad. I'm new to hobbying ... perhaps just 5 weeks into it. But, bp scares me. I'm so much happier having quickly found Date-Check and TER to assist so much in screening. Much like Providers want to screen... well, so do many of us Hobbyists!!! I'm only going forward in this hobby if I find someone from DC or TER for now.

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Posted By: Noonie101

I'm from way down in Connecticut. So, I'm not close. But this past weekend traveled up to Portsmouth NH (on the NH/Maine border for those who don't know), and I couldn't find anyone very close to that coastal city through my preferred site of Date-Check, even though the city is great, nicely populated, but an hour away from three other larger cities: Boston, Portland ME, and Manchester NH.
So, I didn't hobby :(
Sorry to hear you didn't have any fun. Portsmouth treats me very well. If I read your post right, were you looking at the last moment? There are a lot of gals willing to travel north of Boston with prescheduling. Check the Boston board here or Mass on DC.

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Noonie stay away from bp.  You're so right about a hobbist doing his screening though. Verify her legitimacy (website, reviews), emails and possible phone call to make sure you click. Our money is to hard earned to waste it on a bp maybe.

BeautywithBrains See my TER Reviews 3945 reads
15 / 35 the ladies return on investment.  There might be many gentlemen interested, but will all of them be able to visit with the lady when she comes in?  Probably not.  I took a quick look at airfare from DC to Portland, and coach is right around one thousand dollars.  Then add in additional expenses, and it can become quite costly.  

  You might also have a gentlemen from your area, who would be willing to reserve a multi hour, or dinner date with a lady.  This way, she knows her expenses will be covered.  This particular gentleman would be the ladies first date, and then she can visit other gentlemen over the next few days.  The lady would pay her own airfare and hotel.  I have done this in smaller cities out west, and it has worked very well for all who participated.  

  The suggestion of a mini meet and greet, is also a good idea.

  Maine is such a beautiful state, and I have no doubt that the gentlemen up your way, are delightful.

Hugs and Kisses

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I think the "DC" being mentioned stands for "Date Check" and not Washington, DC. However, if a gal from Washington, DC was on tour and Boston was on her schedule then a short flight (or alternate means of transportation) to Maine would not be cost prohibitive.

One of the BIGGEST problems traveling ladies (and even some of the locals) complain about are the guys that make appointments and then are NCNS. It doesn't take too many of these before it is just a complete waste of time and resources for a gal to make the trip.

BeautywithBrains See my TER Reviews 2921 reads
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...sorry for the confusion!  I will be in Boston next month, and rt air is just under $600. coach. from Boston to Portland, plus bag fees, taxis, food, etc.

  I hope the ladies that are closer to you, will make it up your way!

Hugs and Kisses

hety37903 2 Reviews 4125 reads
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I truly appreciate all who have participated .this was my first post and I hope so very much that it create some awareness and help in some way to make hobbying in Maine better for all .thank you my friends .

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I love trains,
So I thought what better way to tour is do a NE Train tour, whistle stop.
If you are on the area, and have checked out all my amazing reviews, and I might wet your whistle.
Contact me. I have a couple of gents already interested, a few more and I'm ready to head your way.
longing for your kiss,

hety37903 2 Reviews 3291 reads
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I hope my post is helping gabby. Lol I'm trying my hardest To change some old mindsets .!!!!! Good luck

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Regarding costs to get to Portland Maine, any lady spending time in Boston can get to Portland on the Downeaster Train for under $100. Round trip so that shouldn't be an issue. Hotels in the Portland area are less than Boston.

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I am from the south, traveling more than a few hours is never a big deal for us. I'd cumm if I thought there was any interest in me doing so. I have a couple friends there that travel to Providence or Boston when I'm there, but again, I'd come if anyone showed interest.

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I hear you Excell. RI used to get a decent number of well respected traveling ladies until the law changed. Now it's a virtual ghost town with the exception of 1 or 2 ladies. Those of us who prefer higher end mature providers don't mind screening, so ladies don't be afraid to travel south to RI!!

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Email me if anyone's interested. Ill visit in january if you like.

hety37903 2 Reviews 3364 reads
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Let's be extending our invitations so these ladies will feel welcome and encouraged to visit us and share their warmth .in just one post 3 showed interest this is a great first step let's not drop the ball on this .

hety37903 2 Reviews 2938 reads
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Hey icecreamman . This was my first post and I'm very happy about the discussion it has created. I don't care if I tackle this on my own. I'm gonna give my best effort to create awareness safety and a lot more fun for all

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Posted By: Excell1
Let's be extending our invitations so these ladies will feel welcome and encouraged to visit us and share their warmth .in just one post 3 showed interest this is a great first step let's not drop the ball on this .
excell1, where were you with all your enthusiasm back in Oct? There was a wonderful well-reviewed lady from NJ who visited Portland. She did plenty of advertising. She offered prebooking specials. I scheduled an extended visit, with a deposit to insure my sincerity. We had a marvelous time. I was the only one that booked an appointment with her.

Also, if you did some research on the various boards you'd find a lot of woman are willing to travel to Portland from the New England area for confirmed appointments. This was pointed out in the first reply to your post.

Invitations don't pay their bills. Book an appointment with a deposit and they will come!

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If Hartford Connecticut is ever a stop for either your train tour or another trip to New England, I'd love to see you :)
P.S. Such a novel and nice idea of yours.

hety37903 2 Reviews 3404 reads
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Duncan8 thanx for your advice I still have so much to learn .I mean well and no disrespect to any question is ...will a prebooked multi hour 3to4 be enough for her to travel here.

duncan8 4 Reviews 2755 reads
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I must say I don't understand why we want to "import" ladies from out of state. I believe there are plenty of really hot women in Maine and unless you've tried them all you shouldn't need to import anyone.  
I gave up hobbying three years ago when I found what I consider the perfect provider. She is beautiful, sexy, safe and provides me with all the services I need.  I am happy and content with what I have and she's a local.  Dealing with out of staters, etc. you have to worry about health and safety. With the locals that is usually not the problem, you know who and what you are getting.
As they say in the news, "lets support the local economy"...if we import too much we will see less and less local talent available. It's like the economy, when we buy from overseas we end up seeing less and less jobs in this country. Just my economic view.

DeVyne See my TER Reviews 2383 reads
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I guess Gabby forgot to mention that she'd have a friend with her on this train tour. *wink*

That's right fellas, I might be coming your way based on response.  Please drop visit my website and drop me a line if you'd like to meet.  I'd love to add a new regular stop to my tour schedule.

I appreciate your interest and look forward to your replies.


Ashley DeVyne

p.s. Gabby & I will be available for duos :)

Draven4130 2567 reads
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I'd love to see more ladies traveling to Maine! I've been trying to catch Mara up here, but no luck. Think I may have to take a drive to Boston ;-)

CinnamonGFE See my TER Reviews 3711 reads
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Portland Maine is one of our stops. Where else should we ad to the ticket?
Gabby xo

CinnamonGFE See my TER Reviews 2822 reads
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DC,Philly,nnj,NYC,Stamford,Hartford,Boston,Maine haven't heard many whistles blowing for NH or VT.
Ashley and I are in the process of arranging the dates now, last week in march, 1st week in April.
Choo choo

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