Re: How about post-dated third-party out-of-state checks?!?
qtd3434 13 Reviews 849 reads
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I was wondering, are there any providers that accept credit card as well as cash? Thanks.

macdaddy1944 51 Reviews 690 reads
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many accept it..sure beats losing or forgetting the envelope..

TiffaniJameson See my TER Reviews 788 reads
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Wouldn't do credit cards with just anyone that she doesn't know well. It should be reserved for those who she feels comfortable with, since the nature of this business is trivial and the moment you decide to cancel your credit cards, she's got a charge back.

Beware of ladies too anxious to get your credit card information.

Mars62 15 Reviews 984 reads
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I believe Becca Blossoms accepts credit cards.

HangingwithBears 635 reads
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It's a terrible idea to leave such a blatant trail as a CC transaction. Also do some research on the latest methods being used by PIs to track ATM withdrawals and think twice about removing large sums of cash on any given day.

asdf471 6 Reviews 402 reads
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I don't think that worked out well for Jerry.

SerenaVincente See my TER Reviews 501 reads
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totally compromising to pay with card and so risky for both the lady and the gent

Serena xxx

MSHSEX 499 reads
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I'm sure there are. Of course, it begs to ask why you'd be stupid enough to WANT to leave a paper trail of your hobbying activities. But to each their own, I suppose.

Posted By: qtd3434
I was wondering, are there any providers that accept credit card as well as cash? Thanks.

qtd3434 13 Reviews 903 reads
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I guess I was thinking more in line of green dot or Amex/visa gift cards, etc. I should have been clearer but thanks for thr responses, both serious and sarcastic.

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