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Visiting HOUSTON! February 22 - 24
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I am delighted to be returning to Houston.  I am looking forward to kinky fun adventures exploring bondage, the Dominant/submissive dynamic, discipline, and S&M.

What have you really wanted to do when that hot sexy nurse came in to get your stats, check your vitals?

Wouldn't bending  your flirtatious voluptuous secretary over your desk, tying her there with some rope, so that you can spank her, maybe even paddle her before taking all her holes so that she gets who is running the office daily feel satisfying?

There is a lovely woman filling those provocative boots that caught your eye during lunch, you follow her out of the side walk cafe, catching up to her to, smiling, "Let's do something delightfully unexpected together....now"

It's been a long day working the convention booth, but then entering the elevator with you is a woman that captivates your eyes, wakes you with excitement.  She smiles.  "Long day?" "Yeah."  "Any plans to make a great ending, you know, all work, ....no play?"   "I'm formulating a plan."  "Yeah?  Tell me about it?"  "Follow me, and I'll show you."  You take your tie off, wrap it around her wrists and lead her to your room.

I hope to hear from you.

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