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Re:I have had kitchens in hotel rooms and
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Question for any–  I am curious what restaurants may offer a private dining experience that could enhance the date and provide a greater amount of intimacy than just going to one of the great Steakhouses in town.

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There was a place serving Sushi on naked women... I think it was Geisha House. No sure, but give a whole new meaning to spicy tuna.. ha ha

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I've got places all over town but it really matters where you are staying so the ride back to the room does not kill the mood...

Of course... I would rather hear it from the ladies so I can take notes.

Then again... I'm with Romeogolf --- Room Service would probably be the best way to go... .especially if you order the strawberry shortcake with a big can of whip cream on the side....

However.... I'm thinking you just want to go out to a nice place to eat and have some hot eye candy with you. If that's the case.. then you need to let us all know where you are staying at so we can give suggestions.

Best Wishes!

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Cooked for my clients in the nude and its much better then getting all worked up and then having to take a cab back to the room.
Many higher end places have full kitchens ,the Trump is great.

You also can cook together and learn something and be pleasured all at the same time. Stimulating all of your senses is a beautiful thing.

Enjoy your trip.

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At Mandalay Bay. It is a Hubert Keller restaurant. It is very good. Make sure to get the Bailey's ice cream made table-side. They whip it up with liquid nitrogen. Very impressive and delicious.

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If you were cooking naked for me, the pasta is not the only thing that might get burned.


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