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Seeking a couple Nights
Yelland23408 5 Reviews 882 reads
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Will be in Town after memorial day Wednesday and thursday 30 and 31.

Would Love to meet up with a girl each night.

I am looking for a squirter for one night and just a simple nice GFE the other.

Hope someone can point me in the right direction.

Be safe everyone.

mparker4 663 reads
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All you have to do is search.

Tori & Bre are 2 of the best squirters in Vegas. Can't go wrong with either. In fact, just book those 2 girls and your nights are set. Or you can see beautiful Sloan Davis or Larue McCay.

phatguy1 8 Reviews 865 reads
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I am retired from the hobby but thought I would help a guy out. If you want a true GFE, Heather of Tampa is moving your way. Trust me, she is the best GFE you will find. Best $ you can spend, you'll have a great time.

LustfulTori See my TER Reviews 458 reads
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How many licks does it take to get Lustful Tori  to Squirt?

Ol_Desperado 54 Reviews 432 reads
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JiaLi See my TER Reviews 826 reads
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Hiya Hunny Bun,
My name is Jayla Starr and I'm an Asian/Black mixed porn starlet.
I'm young, petite, and I love to have fun!
If a GFE/PSE Experiance is what you are looking for I am totally your girl! LOL
Check out my website or do an Internet search I'm sure you'll like what you find (wink)
Now I've squirted before but I can't promise that... But as far as fun goes I'm a ton of it.

Either way have a fun safe trip babe!
Kisses, The Blasian Porn Princess
Jayla Starr

pmashley See my TER Reviews 442 reads
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Calls are always welcome...


Love and Light,

Ashley Jade

AlwaysLaRue See my TER Reviews 339 reads
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would be my pleasure to be your vegas pin up gfe. Please visit my site

LaRue McCay

AlwaysLaRue See my TER Reviews 656 reads
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would be my pleasure to be your vegas pin up gfe. Please visit my site

LaRue McCay

Yelland23408 5 Reviews 426 reads
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thanks for info.

Looks Like Bre no longer in business - e-mail gets returned.

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