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Almost a year ago I had my first "hobby" experience while on business in the Philly area.  I didn't know anything about how this all worked, but had a little to drink so that raised my courage some.  Anyways, the girl who showed up was nice, had a good personality, not super attractive, but I had a good time. We discussed the "donation" right at the start and besides the fee advertised when i called the agency (the one for her time) she only asked for a tip afterwards (with no amount specified).

Following this fairly positive experience, I tried it again the following night, but was more specific on what type of looks i wanted and the age etc..  Expecting a similar donation scheme I was very suprised that after the (fee for her time) was collected, I was informed that anything else besides her time was going to require more substantial donations reaching to the $$$$$ amount for fs.  After laying out the extra $$$$$, I found her to be very inflexible, bitchy, and all around a dreadful experience.  That soured me on using any kind of escort agency thing again.

Flash forward to the present, I've recently discovered TER and been reading the reviews, discussion boards, etc.. and have found it to all be very informative.  I've found a few providers I'm interesting in contacting, but of those, some are associated with an agency.  What I'm afraid of is going into it thinking it will be $$ - $$$ for the hour plus a discretionary tip at the end, and instead, finding out it's the same thing i experienced before where the initial donation guarantees nothing and to get the full experience I'm looking for I'll be asked for double that amount or more before anything happens.  

I rarely see mentioned in the reviews any reference to a second donation scale, but I'm not sure if that's because it doesn't happen that often or just because it's so common that reviewers don't bother mentioning it.  

Any advice on this topic will be greatly appreciated. Am I better off sticking with "independents" only?  I'm primarly looking in the Sacramento region.

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But some agencies can be ok. The girls profile, whether she's associated with an agency or not, gives the amount and that is typically the inclusive figure. That is to say, it includes the figure and everything that goes with it.

There a couple of agencies in Sac that have good reputations. That's not to say that they're 100%. There are also a few that you need to watch out for.

I always prefer to stick with independents, but there are some great girls working with agencies.


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in the profile section or described in the detail section.  What you have encountered with the 2nd lady is an upsale, which in general are considered a rip-off behavior.  She is definitely a ROB (Rip-Off Bitch).

I have great experience with LA agency girls reviewed in TER.  So far, there are no upsale from any of the well-reviewed ladies.

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agency ladies that are well reviewed are great ladies. My experience with one of the LA agencies has been wonderful. Of course you cannot generalize this to all agencies. If there are good reviews of ladies from an agency in your area, it is a good sign. Of the ladies I've seen, I've never been asked for anything in addition to what I was quoted for her time.


btw, rip-offs exist amongst indies was well as agencies, just less common IMO

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Interesting.. I have always preferred a well-reviewed agency for the reason that they are generally safer -- you know what to expect even with a new girl.  With indies, you never know on that first visit whether you will just get ripped off, scammed, stood up, or worse.  Of course once you establish a relationship, an indie is safer but I like to try a new girl every time, so indies are way too uncertain for my likings.  I guess it comes down to what you want:  if you are going for that elusive GFE spirit, with a professional who knows you and your likes, and who you can see again and again and get to know personally, an indie is the only way to go.  If, OTOH, that is exactly what you do NOT want, and you prefer to try every type of candy in the store, and then move on to the next store (even when you find a piece that you really like!) .. then go the agency route and establish a relationship with a well-respected agency.

As far as the original question goes, to find out about an agency just use TER to search using ONLY the phone number of the agency in question -- do not use ANY of the other fields in the search form.  If all of the ladies that come up are generally well reviewed (both in number and in quality) then you have found a winner.

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