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Asian Porn Star Kaylani Lei?
phatplayboy 11928 reads
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Is Kaylani Lei an escort for hire?  If so, how can I book and appiontment?

Ozymandias 10962 reads
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She is still so new on the scene that I doubt she is "escorting" yet... she still needs to establish her credentials, get some films under the belt, etc.

When she does start escorting, I will be first in line...


huskerfan 5 Reviews 10330 reads
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Yes, she's incredible.  There have been 4 or 5 new girls that are hot and display INCREDIBLE talent.  I hope they start providing.  The British girls, Ashley Long and the other one goes by the last name "Long" are NASTY talented, but I would rate them "L.A. 7 or 8" in the looks department.  I saw another Brit named Alicia Rhodes today that took the full Vince Voyer punishment (gagging, ATM) with a huge smile and she's definitely a 9, blonde, girl next door face and giant natural tits.  The current Czech girl I like is Mandy Bright, but she may be used up fast because I keep seeing her in EVERY movie.  I hope this new crop of Nasty girls becomes available and sets a performance trend for the hobbyist to enjoy.  I'm most disappointed to hear that Catalina doesn't perfom up to her MAX HARDCORE standards when providing, she is Naughty-licious in those movies, she could make a lot of money if she delivered.

Dukethedog 3 Reviews 8227 reads
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I found this link here at TER, a few months back.  Personally, I didn't get any response from Kaylani's people to my e-mail inquiries.  Perhaps someone else may have better luck!

Ozymandias 9911 reads
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Well, "booking" in this case means booking for videos, not private appearances. Making a video is a whole different thing in that it is (i) legal and (ii) there are contracts, PCR tests, etc. Actually to book a girl for a video is in a sense "cheaper" than for an escort appointment, but then you would have to fulfill your end of the contract regarding distribution, marketing, etc. That does cost.

I suppose one could start a video company with oneself as the male lead (a la Ed Powers) if you didn't mind the publicity and wanted to have a go at every pornstar out there. Ed Powers has probably done Kaylani by now... he seems to have a thing for the Asians.


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