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Ni Hao TER members,

I recently returned to the USA after spending a considerable amount of time in China for business and travelling. I was able to acquire and negotiate services in four different cities:  Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzen.

First, due to the 2008 Olympics the government decided to crack down on "hair salons" and other obvious prostitution services for foreigners.  It is my understanding that it is much more difficult nowadays to procure services than in the past.  Beijing presents many opportunities for getting some good action depending on the duration and reason for your visit.  If you are staying at some 5 star hotel and have an assigned local to act as your handler/translator, I'd say go ahead and go through them versus tackling the street trade in Wanfujing and other areas.  I'm sure that some hotels, and their associated massage parlors, offer discrete full service experiences.  Just realize that as a foreigner, just about everything you do at the hotel or in public has the potential for being reported to someone or being tracked by someone else.  

There is a lot of tail in the Wanfujing outdoor-mall area as soon as it gets dark.  There are a lot of nice hotels in the area.  Women of all ages and types will approach you and/or confront you depending on your game and how much of a wealthy tourist type that you look like.  Try to avoid the younger ones in public because they generally don't know what the heck they are doing and can attract to much attention.  Well groomed, nicely dressed, and elegant women in their late 20s or early/mid- 30's are the best bet.  Most likely they will first try to take you to some "Tea House" and you'll end up paying $200 USD for a sprite, a kettle of tea, and some Macadamia nuts or Fruit Tray.  You've got to be firm with them and keep the price low.  This is part of the game.  Generally, the street talent will not go back to your hotel until they trust you and they can shake their boss (potentially police or organized crime ring).  Depending on how much cash you have, or how desperate you are, maybe you take the hit and go to a "Tea House" or "KTV" first, and then get them back to your hotel.  Depending on where your hotel is, be prepared to pay for the taxi there and then give them taxi money after you're finished.  

Realize that $100 USD is more than some of these women's family make in a year back on the farm or in some rural city.  

Dongzhimen supposedly had a bunch of full-service massage places, but as much as I heard about it from German businessmen and young English-speaking students.  For the best action anywhere in China, it's best to have some trusted colleague, or host, take you to the place that caters to the wealthy Chinese crowd.  You can get Eastern European and African girls in Beijing and Guangzhou, but if you are in China...why bother with them.  

Be prepared to pay exponentially more for some "internet services."  I always avoided this.  You don't know if it is a sting or not.  But, some of the internet sites offer Chinese, Korean, Russian, Italian, African, etc. girls.  

I'll finish this post at a later time.  I will also post tips for Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Germany, and Israel.

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Thanks for the info.  I am off to these 4 places in July.

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When I was in Shanghai, I was walking along the high-end shopping district when an attractive Chinese lady approached me and asked if I wanted a nice time with her.  So I think if you just stand around and if you look like a tourist, it wouldn't be hard to find some action

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Just got back from China again and had pussy every night.  I had a regular in Shanghai that I've stayed in contact with over the years on night 1.  Night 2 I was in Shenzen and I used Craigslist to make contact.  Look under the rants and raves section.  The pictures are always inaccurate and in my experience it's been a crap shoot - sometimes a hottie and sometimes just average.  For 1000 RMB you'll get a girl who will come to your hotel, you meet in the lobby, bring her back to your room and for an hour you do what you want with her.  On Wednesday I went to the sauna across the street from the Sheraton in Hongqiao - see my previous post on this - Ventura - the address is 88 Xianxhe Road.  Nuru massage and full service for under 1000 RMB.  Then on Thursday my Chinese buddy took me to the Holy Grail of male satisfaction.  I went to the Hong Sung Hot Spring Clubhouse (phone number 13621866168) on Hong Sung Road - also in Hongqiao.  This place is in the YuanYi building right next door to the Hilton.  Go to the elevator and get off on the 4th floor.  For foreigners they told us you don't even need a membership.  Same drill as before with going to the locker room, take a shower, relax in a hot pool.  Then you go to a waiting room and after a bit they'll come get you.  Super clean place with lovely amenities.  Went down the hall and and was presented with the viewing area.  I could not believe my eyes - behind the one-way mirror there were no shit 40 little Chinese cuties with all different kinds of builds.  Honest to God they were really attractive and I frankly had a hard time picking one out (you can get 2 if you want).  The little cutie I took was just a gem with a super service-oriented attitude, a beautiful little tush, pert little titties, and a beautiful face.  Again the nuru massage and then back to the bed (all in the same room) where this little vixen let me just bang the shit out of her for the next 45 minutes.  Lots of fun - I freakin love China!

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Fantastic!  I cannot wait.  Thanks.

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What did things run you at Hong Sung Hot Spring Clubhouse?

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Glad to see an Asia board I appreciate the info on China. I spend time in Shenzhen and am looking for a nice spa experience, similar to what's been described about Shanghai. I'm not interested in bringing someone to my room for various reasons, but I'm not sure how to find the right kind of spa. Can someone provide a few pointers on what to look for.  If you have Shenzhen recommendations, even better.  I've been to three places in Shanghai and Shenzhen and only once did I get my cock worked.

As for the Shanghai experience described, I'm assuming you get multiple pops.  That's a lot of sucking and fucking to not shoot a wad a few times.

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Great post and recommendations.
Staying in Shanghai for a few days. Staying over in Nanjing Road. I pretty tired of getting asked every five minutes by scammers on the street.

Do you know of any good places or courtesans near here?  Preferable a place that offers a good massage and a little bit of action at a fair price.

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Posted By: buckheadjoe
Great post and recommendations.
Staying in Shanghai for a few days. Staying over in Nanjing Road. I pretty tired of getting asked every five minutes by scammers on the street.

Do you know of any good places or courtesans near here?  Preferable a place that offers a good massage and a little bit of action at a fair price.
just check the website
shanghai-nightlife-guide COM
It is pretty new and in there click on independent escorts
e.g."beverlyjones" (I had reviewed her here too)
Those contacts are no fakes. Other tips for massage or bar places
are also ok.

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