TS Angelica in LA?
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This hot and sexy redhead gets rave reviews. Anyone have anything to add, say, about her? She looks hot. I am not a member and can't read the vip reviews and would like to know more about her. Email me at

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Looks like it is time to pay up. The information highway is not free!

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WhiteLightning 28 Reviews 9574 reads
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I met her in Peanuts and wanted her, but she was so rude to me. Totally blew me off. No I didnt know her.  I like to meet girls at the club cause you can see what they are wearing, and what your in the mood for changes as you see them all.
I will try one more time, but if shes like that in public why would i risk $$$.
If your in LA go to Peanuts (7969 Santa Monica Blvd) and try to pick her up, see what shes like.

HALXION See my TER Reviews 9800 reads
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Well I would like to start out my saying miss anjelica has got to be the hottest redhead in los angeles tht i know of
and i know her very well, and as for the guy saying go meet and hook up with the gorgeous ladies from eros at this club , i say dont waste your time , we ladies go to PEANUTS(7969) TO HAVE FUN AND LET OUR ADMIRERS SEE US FOR FREE VISUALLY , if we have adds why try n hook up with us at a club we rnt there trying to work tht is called time for fun ,anjelica was only acting out what any other gurl with class there would do and of course she gave you attitude , shes a woman not a streetwalker if she chooses to place an add on the internet then call her number to set up a date ,but if u wana see her on a bizzness basis dont go up to her in a place of recreation its rude, just cause she escorts doesnt mean shes on duty 24/7 .
so treat her like the southern belle she is and set a proper appoinment and she will treat you like a knight in shinning armour...lets have a lil more sense guys

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OMG lol you act as if I was rude to try to talk to her. If shes "Off duty" she doesnt have to be rude lol she can be nice. Ive dated gitrls out of that club many times. Girls working in club arent streetwalkers. If she isnt working she could be polite and tell a person to call her when she is and even offer her phone number or website info maybe pass out a card, then a nice guy would say thank you and let her have fun with whomever.

Im not saying you wont have a good time with her, just instead of wasting $$$ to find out if shes cool and the other reviewers are correct, try meeting her in person and see how she treats you is all im saying.

Always be polite to the girls in the club and always expect that back.

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Hey Everyone:

Let's cut Angelica some slack. She has good reviews which she has EARNED, and if she doesn't want to be bothered at a club let her be.

There are plenty of other tgurls around at Peanuts to keep you happy if you are looking to hook up.

I know my friend the aviator doesn't like her because of his girlfriend but I saw him at the club last week and I told him to chill out and drop it...

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