Re:TS Alyssa Kiran
muffdiver99 39411 reads
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Anyone tried her services. Very Interested to meet her, any reviews would really help. Tks

mountP 39217 reads
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Contacted he via email and got a response, however i an reluctant to see her without a review i am hoping for some feedback also. She looks pretty hot.

TheLostSchlong 14 Reviews 35367 reads
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Talked with her recently. She quoted $500 in Chicago, never posts her rates. Quoted $800-1200 to another. Tries to convince you that she is a totally extraordinary experience who will change your world. Right. Heard that before. Sounds as if she's in this for the fast buck. No wonder there are no reviews. For $800-1200 you can save a dozen homeless people from starvation for a month and feel good about it. The homeless rarely rip you off. LOL

muffdiver99 33955 reads
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Thanks Schlong !! Wow ! 800!!!!! Yep she's in here for a quick buck !

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