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Question for the Gentleman on "Local FKK Clubs"?
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Hello all, anything in the states?

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you can go as a couple man and woman, woman and woman or man with man but don't go too many times in one day with different partners,,,,

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This was "kind of" my question about all this:

These clubs seem like a great place for you gentleman and seems like a very relaxing peaceful atmosphere.  But I'm wondering about one thing....with the differences in the American and European views on public nudity and sex....would you American gentleman feel a little weird walking around this resort with the fear you may run into someone you work with, your boss, or someone who knows your SO?  

Would that make any of you apprehensive to go to one of these clubs because of discretion?  

I am very interested to hear your responses...


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I had my reasons for asking, but never mind.....

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Scarlett, I'll try to answer your questions directly:

I've been to several FKKs and other similar houses in Europe over the last couple of years.  I've never run into a colleague.  You have to basically go with the flow.  You wear a robe or towel just like everybody else.  My German is non-existent, so it's tough to carry on a conversation with any of the girls or any other of the guys in a club.  Every so often, you find somebody who wants to practice their English on you, which is great.

I prefer a different kind of FKK, called a "Partytreff" (Party House in German).  You pay a flat fee and can have unlimited sex with the women in the club.  The women in partytreffs tend to be older -- 35+, but, since I'm almost 55, that's OK.  You basically sit around and talk with each other and, when you're ready, go off and have sex.  

You have to get over the fact that someone may be right next to you watching you pound away or receive a BJ.  You have to get over the fact that there might be another guy right next to you with a hard-on waiting his turn.  This is especially true in the partytreffs which have orgies scheduled every couple of hours.  I've been to a swingers club in Amsterdam at which there were several "pros" brought in to service all the single guys.  You just have to focus in on your own hard-on and disregard the sweaty guys on either side of you.  Once she puts your manhood in her mouth, it's almost surreal.

The problem I've had is that I've basically been spoiled rotten by the open attitudes in Europe.  For the most part, I'm just not interested in P4P in the U.S. anymore.

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Did you ever wonder why men fly over 10,000 mile away from the USA? This in itself means your fun stays in another country not near where you live. Your chances of meeting someone you know are better in the US then in Germany. Then again if you're both nude its harder to make excuses either way.
It's not pubic either, you're in a confined area that is not easily seen. Europeans are not so hung up on seeing tits or a dick. Ever wonder that on TV you can see someone's head being blown off or de-guted, but you can't see a pair of tits? Whats that all about? The US has some hang ups, not really different point of views. Think about it, you can view murder on video games and TV but not sex? Somewhere what made us was made very dirty...

The farther you go from home the less chance of running into your family or boss. Period

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