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So, heading out there later today, and am doing my backup date research, just in case, as sometimes happens in LV, girls get busy. Just happened to view this ad, and indeed found a couple of reviews. Wouldn't say they are too great though.

That's too bad, you see some of these Eros ads for Vegas, and the women are so hot, maybe too hot, like, can I afford that? You want to believe, but you wonder.

I've had some high end dates, and honestly, some great looking ladies are not that great except for their looks, and that is ok I guess if you are rich, but I am not.

CindySpice See my TER Reviews 899 reads
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" you see some of these Eros ads for Vegas, and the women are so hot, maybe too hot, like, can I afford that?  

Ummmmm it's more like - Is the girl in the photo going to show up ?
Well unless the Eros ad is of a true independent , probably not . That is what we call "bait and switch",
not to talk about "upsell" where you are quoted one price then in the room they want more.
Or maybe even "cash and dash" you just flat out get ripped off/robbed.

Eros is just an escort mall ANYONE can pay to have an ad there. They don't care if the person is real or not.
It Is all about their profit.
It is up to you to do your research and figure it out.
Think with your big head and don't let a pretty picture fool you.

I understand having a back up plan ...... But what does that have to do with "as sometime happens in LV ,girls get busy"
Yes LV girls are busy, They should be busy with the person who pre booked them. :-)  

I'm just saying ..........

april_luv See my TER Reviews 1403 reads
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When you work for a agency you are expected to get the money and leave .Thats what most agencys are all about.Very few here in Vegas are about making there clients happy.They are about making money and as much as possible .

Sancho2 13 Reviews 788 reads
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Touche. Like the French sword fighting thing were what I mean is "you got me" :)

CindySpice See my TER Reviews 707 reads
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Of course I got you lol lol ...... I hope it didn't hurt :-)
well since you are already here , get with the program "wink wink"
btw if someone is 5"7 and they weigh 112 ...... I would be a little worried.

hooterguy4 2435 reads
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Example: I used Tineye, and three of the Eros girls are former Playboy models, and two were girls on the covers of porn sites.
   Its better to review the girls on this site, the membership cost is more than worth it, as yhou will avoid the scammer and agency girls.
   Some girls who are usually available, and in different categories, try April Luv, Gia (all 3 of them), Sharon/Tricia, Lacey, Karen Lynn (my atd, 36ddd,702-612-3929), Dona, Monique, Krystal 702.  Of course, these are the ones I know, and I will get lashes with a wet noodle, for all the great ones Im leaving out.

100ProofOfLV See Agency Profile 932 reads
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It's no secret that most Vegas agencies employ bait & switch as well as upselling tactics.

Stay on the safe side. If you're going to us and agency, make sure they are well reviewed like we are.

All Vegas agencies are NOT created equal. Please read our reviews.

kylalavi See my TER Reviews 816 reads
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