TS in Las Vegas
badger7578 1 Reviews 8773 reads
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Anyone have any positive recommendations for TS girls in Vegas?
I saw Daisy when she was there. She is great. Who else would you recommend, or warn against? Thanks

S6XN9NE 1 Reviews 10255 reads
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I have seen Naya (Thunderlips) a couple of times now, and she always knocks my socks off. Maybe a 7 in the looks department, but an 11 in the performance department. My last visit a couple of weeks ago, I was in the Las Vegas Lounge, when Shawna walked in with a date. What a knockout!!! Of course, her "date" shuttled her out of there as quickly as possible as the sharks were circling. I would give her a 15 out of 10 in the looks dept. but it looks like her reviews are hot & cold and she is not cheap........

4G32RGV 3 Reviews 8138 reads
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TS Celeste has mostly very good reviews -- have not seen her yet but she is at the top of my Vegas list.

nictrim 1 Reviews 8135 reads
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It really depends on what you are looking for. Try zingers,it's a fairly new club right by Las Vegas Lounge. I was there about 3 weeks ago and met new girls on back to back nights. Both of them were not working girls but they were up for some fun. One was okay and one was really hot. And also Montana a local girl was there both nights. I think she may work there. She is always really friendly and very very sexy in a Marilyn Monroe sort of way. Good luck. Does badger in your name mean you are from Wisconsin? If so don't drink all the paint thinner there. Just kidding. I'm from Minnesota.

badger7578 1 Reviews 9512 reads
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I spent three years in madison.
I have never been to the las Vegas Lounge or any T-girl bar. What is it like? Who goes there? What goes on?

nictrim 1 Reviews 9602 reads
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Las Vegas Lounge is a dive like bar with a small stage and a small dance floor. Also a pool table I believe. But mostly the girls and the guys that like them. Mostly latino girls ,almost all of them working. Last time I was there the bartender was very very hot. A regular guy can feel quite comfortable there. Zingers(which is virtually across the back parking lot) is a nicer place but with less activity. Try both what the hell. Also very comfortable place to hang out. Just don't be afraid to start up a conversation. A few minutes of conversation will get you a long ways at either place.    Good luck!

badger7578 1 Reviews 7332 reads
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Would you like to met up there sometime? I live 2 1/2 hours from Vegas and would drive in. I would like to know someone for my first time there. I know, sounds silly. I am a little shy at first. Let me know. My email is

vegasguybdsm 9 Reviews 11997 reads
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By the back parking lot for Zingers do you mean inside Commercial Center?

nictrim 1 Reviews 7721 reads
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I certainly would if I didn't live in Mpls. I get to Vegas about 5-6 times a year.

nictrim 1 Reviews 9967 reads
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Across the back parking lot to Sahara,I beleive. Pretty easy to find.

vegasguybdsm 9 Reviews 14115 reads
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Thanks,I'll check it out. Commercial Center used to one of the nicest shopping centers in Vegas,now it's been taken over by one star Asian restaurants and other assorted strange businesses.

houndog 231 Reviews 8556 reads
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My ATF is Duchess.  Check out her reviews....she is on tour now, but is Las Vegas's top TS.

vegasguybdsm 9 Reviews 7086 reads
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I have it from another TS that Duchess is both a sweetheart and very good at what she does. She is very into S&M as well if you are interested in that.

houndog 231 Reviews 6229 reads
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Don't know about the S&M, but do know that she is a sweet, sweet, creature !

badger7578 1 Reviews 7268 reads
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Thanks for the recommendation. She has good reviews. My preference if for a white or latin TS, and I like them a little more fleshy. Anyone seen Thalia?

vegasduchess 7892 reads
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Thank you so much for the positive feed back..I really do appreciate you all..
Yes I'm on tour now, and loving every minute of it, not only do I get to see this wonderful country of ours but I also get to meet some of the most beautiful, respectful, awesome gentlemen I have ever met...
All the gentemen that are into T girls are very least in my humble experience..
I will be back in Vegas sme time in April, not sure yet, just finishing up with Charlotte today and on to Greensboro, NC tomorrow , Miami here we cum, on Monday..yessss, south beach, beautiful everything and everyone..
you guys rock...
Thank you for all your support I promise to continue being and dong the best I can be and do..
                    xoxo Duch

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