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Savanna Samson
abrahamk 4878 reads
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Does anyone know if Savanna Samson provides?

ehy5rth 2462 reads
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not that I know of.
You might want to search earlier threads (1 year back)
someone mentioned that while she was a dancer at scores during the beginning.(maybe)
don't remember the exact post.(do a search)
savanna would be nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
besides, supposedly vivid girls aren't allowed to
escort (wink!wink!)

ehy5rth 1779 reads
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besides, she is doing real well with her line of exotic(exquisite) wines and has become a singer as well.
She performed earlier this year on the stern show. By the way the song is not that bad. (dance song) BUt If I was savanna I would stick to my day job.

Check out her myspace page for details.
savanna is hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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