Re: Outcall vs Incall
Lust at first sight 8 Reviews 3518 reads
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I heard that if you select outcall its safer against law enforcement for the guy.. is this true?

Also does anyone know the ratio of fake cop ads for stings vs real escort ads online nowadays?

I read all these headlines about arrests/stings tht its a little scary.. I wanna do try an escort at least once but am reluctnt because of tht

MarkusKetterman 150 Reviews 2044 reads
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The right question is how do I "shop" safely and find an escort who is (overwhelmingly likely) not LE?

The answer is to go by TER reviews and not incall versus outcall.

A lady with an established review history will be highly unlikely to get you in LE trouble.

And - you can see what to expect in terms of her "services" in advance.

shudaknownbetter 7441 reads
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Outcall may be preferable solely from a LE standpoint, but as GTM states quite clearly there is way more to it than that.

If you are interested in the hobby, you really need a total education.  You should start by  reading the newbie manual (link at the top of this board.  Then you should read back several pages here until you can answer every common question that comes up.  Throw in a bit of the other boards for a rounded education.  No One can do this for you, but your success depends on it.  And this is all FREE.  

Then, as a Newbie, you should get VIP & research well reviewed providers in your area.  (In your reading, learn what well reviewed means & why it's recommended for Newbies.)  The cost of VIP is way less that the cost of one spoiled date or one wasted opportunity.  I know because I was a Newbie myself just a few short years ago.
Happy Hobbying,

willywonka4u 11 Reviews 1486 reads
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everyone has posted good advice here. Take heed my newbie friend.

I studied this board for a year and a half before jumping right in. The only thing that can protect you in this hobby is your education.

Before you even decide incall vs outcall, pick your provider. Look for the type you want, find a provider who matches that description, and then, most importantly, read her reviews. I repeat. Read her reviews. Not 2 or 3 of them either. If you're a newb, then don't be shy about reading ALL a provider's reviews.

Once you've done that, then make your own call about what to do next. I would say that I think that outcalls are safer, but this depends largely on where you live, and how many nosey neighbors you have. If you live in an apartment or townhouse, forget it.

Personally, I would NEVER have a provider do an outcall unless I had seen them previously.

And lastly, when I saw my first provider, I expected it to be a one time thing. But after that, there was no way in hell I wasn't going to do that again. Life is too short. Have fun.  

Lust at first sight 8 Reviews 1276 reads
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awsome advice from all!! thanx

jcdelgado_15 1524 reads
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Great advice fellows!  Being a newbie I want to learn as much as I can in order to have a fun and safe escort services.

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