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Pauleena De Angelis
leumas57 1 Reviews 6775 reads
1 / 8

Anyone have any info about her?

Just curious if she provides

elboroom 3 Reviews 2548 reads
2 / 8

That's a DUDE right??  If it isn't, she's halfway there!!

CallNumber9 2 Reviews 2629 reads
3 / 8

On her website, not her blog, she says she's available for "private" events. Hint. Hint. I wonder what her connection is to Anekee. Now there's an enigma wrapped up inside a contradiction...Now there's a piece of woman flesh I'd like fool around with.

If you go to Anekee's site there's a link to Pauleena's site there.

surfer247 14 Reviews 1556 reads
4 / 8

You might get a better answer on the Florida board since she lives in South Florida.


surfer247 14 Reviews 3619 reads
5 / 8

Pauleena is totally hot, just like Anneke.  You gotta be smoking crack.  Both have bikini shots that are out of this world.  If anyone finds out anything about her, either post or email them to me.  I believe Pauleena now resides in         Miami Beach, FL.



CallNumber9 2 Reviews 1930 reads
6 / 8

Between the two of these I don't know which one is the most mysterious. They made their splash and slipped back again into mystery.

jimflorida 2190 reads
7 / 8

If Pauleena is a porn star, where do you find her videos?

surfer247 14 Reviews 852 reads
8 / 8

anyone find anything about pauleena, shes touring again.

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