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I think there is because the questions have been answered before. The original poster is just lazy!

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Ok someone needs to call Lisa Ann's agency and ask to speak to her about this ad and when did she decide to start escorting. I would so love to be the fly on the wall when she explodes. Too funny.

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Well, at least the location is right! ;-)

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She isn't a hooker, she doesn't escort. From Lisa Ann herself. That's what makes Lisa Ann and Julia Ann so classy!

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Hey Fabthree, you do understand that by declaring that Lisa and Julia Ann are "classy" because they choose not to escort, automatically implies that the plethora of porn stars who DO escort should be deemed, for lack of a better word "unclassy." If they choose not to escort, for whatever reason, fine. But to try to make the absurd distinction that GETTING PAID to fuck on camera as opposed to doing so in private is somehow different is flat out delusional. Bottom line: If you get compensated by a porn company for fucking or as they may see it "working" on a porn set, then you are by every definition a prostitute. If you perform without pay then you are not. PLAIN AND SIMPLE! How many of you guys think they perform pro bono?
Lisa Ann is a sanctimonious, cum guzzling, delusional cunt.

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thanks for not getting me any farther than i was

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FYI: I emailed her about this and she replied back to say it was a fake & not her and that she's taking legal action.  Agreed she is a  sanctimonious cunt not because she's not avail,
but because of the way she comes's very unattractive about her and realize Lisa Ann really isn't all that.  There are plenty of other Italian-American pornstars who are avail (Sophia Rossi, Veronica Rayne etc.) whom I know would be a better time than this cunt. My 2 cents!  LOL!!

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Search function doesn't tell you if they work UTR.  I find it strange that Lisa Ann is willing to have sex with fans (for free at her discretion) and fuck strangers she meets at clubs but won't escort...although her explanation is that she loves sex too much have sex with johns.  I don't really buy that argument I think she flys UTR there is no way she is making too much money just touring and running her website and doing porn.  I saw her dance at a few clubs, she was selling her DVDs out of the back of a van, she had this short fat assistant (female) with her as well.  She's not a millionaire that's for certain I think clubs pay her a couple thousand base fee and she charges for selling whatever she can, getting tips, etc.  But she has to pay travel expenses (most clubs will only pay for the flight and hotel stay no per diem) and cover the costs of her assistant.  I think doing the circuit route she probably only pulls in $100-200k a year and another $100-200k doing porn shoots.

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first of all Simon, you are full of shit. Fucking a stranger in a hotel room is far different than doing a scene on camera with known talent, who is tested.
First off, it's illegal to fuck off camera for money. That's a big enough difference that I shouldn't need to elaborate, but I will anyway.

The toll is takes on a girl's soul is much worse as well, not to mention the dangerous aspects of it. How many "escorts" do you think are raped each year? I have heard that at some point every escort will encounter a violent situation. A girl alone in a hotel room or some stranger's house is a pretty scary place to be.

I had a very short list of people I would shoot with when I was active in the industry.

I have NEVER escorted in my 14 year career, never. I wouldn't do it for a million dollars because I wouldn't be able to live with myself afterwards. The industry took a very big toll on me and walking away from it was the best thing I ever did. I cannot imagine how it must be to spend every night showing up to fuck a stranger.

Lisa Ann escorts, just not with the usual agencies and ads. She is with a very high end agency that caters to athletes and celebrities and politicians. Her rate is around $10k. Nikki Benz and a select few others are with the same agency. Not a secret.

now there is MY 2 cents ;)

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