I called several months a go to see Kylie Divine
minnesotajohn 294 Reviews 3086 reads
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I called up Angels Hot Girls to see Tracy. Some B. from hell answered the phone. She wanted my First and Last Name, address, place of employment. I was just asking for a price, are they fxxking kidding? Then she said an hour was 350. I thought this agency was a little sketchy, but now I think they are crazy. Good fricken luck to them! Of course I never got to talk to Tracy.

Anyone have a similar problem?

HobbyCity 1844 reads
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and all I got was a very aggressive sales pitch and a $400 quote, I hung up the phone because the lady wouldn't listen but wanted Kylie to come to my place right away. A few days later a very average review of Kylie popped up.

They have been discussed on here before and your experience is their MO. Over promise by agency, lady under delivers and client feels stiffed.

Tracy looks hot and she did catch my eye on eros but I passed because of the agency.

cweathers123 27 Reviews 1444 reads
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I had emailed them a while back just to get an idea of availability. Sent it, went out with some friends. By the time i got back home, I had 5 emails asking when I wanted to book and why I wasn't responding to email. I was out for less then 2 hours.
I thought it was strange and I should have picked up on it but did finally book with pretty bad session with Annabel. Never again.

2late 179 Reviews 1249 reads
5 / 11

Tracy was on my list as well, with reservations about 'Angels Hot Girls'. Thanks to this thread a lot of guys will be saved their time and money!

patrico 15 Reviews 1163 reads
6 / 11

When I inquired about annabel via email they kept contacting me over a couple days saying to call and set up a time.  Wow they are asking for that kinda info.....Glad I passed since annabels reviews are a bit mediocre and for what they are asking in price there are much better options out there.

wingman1346 74 Reviews 819 reads
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Nice to know which agenies/schedulers are good and easy to work with and
which are not.  It sure saves us lots of time and potential grief.

vorlon 108 Reviews 852 reads
8 / 11

Generally I thought the rates were high for what the girls delivered but with this info and that from the other posters I will stay well away from them.  Thanks again!.

r3ALLy5553 20 Reviews 915 reads
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Had the same issue with the service. I had seen two providers Annabelle (sp) being the last. Last I tried scheduling the time frame didn't work out and it felt like I was haggling and she dropped the price for a special... awkward because it seriously was only about the time but who was I to argue if they negotiated. In the end I went ahead only because someone here on TER mentioned they were legit (he didn't say he recommended). Phone service sucked, girls were pretty but at their rate I expected allot more.

741512th 34 Reviews 1230 reads
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. . . the reviews are mediocre.  $350 to $400 to be wrapped in plastic from head to toe?  I think not.

drdimsum 876 reads
11 / 11

I saw Karin earlier this year,  and was very happy with her visit.  Scheduling was a little forceful.  Angel, when I said I wasn't interested in the price she gave me,  quickly lowered it to a price I could agree with. Awkward and hard sell,  but I was happy with the Karin and her service.

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