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Okay I’d like to set the record straight about my recent suggestion that more TS ladies should consider using and provide some more detail about why I think it would be a good option for all of us here in the TS community.  Allison mentioned in a thread below that she had never gotten a single date from her profile on p411.  That is not the point of p411 – it is NOT an escort mall – it IS a referral/screening site.  In order for a client to become a member he/she has to be verified by at least two active p411 provider members.  In order for a provider to become a member they need a review posted on a major review site from an established reviewer and/or at least one p411 client member that can vouch for the provider.  They also agree to only post pictures of themselves and must have all rights necessary for use of any pictures uploaded.  In addition providers and client members may have their accounts suspended for any of a variety of reasons including:  complaints are received about their behavior, a member develops a bad reputation in the community, reviews start to be more negative than positive, uploading of misleading or false photos, failing to report a problem with a P411 member to staff immediately, sharing P411 information with someone else or letting someone else use your account.  Here’s what p411 says about their service:  “While P411 is an important tool to use in your screening process, we cannot make any guarantee on any of our members, be they client or provider.  We are diligent, however, in screening all applicants thoroughly and do not want any problem clients or providers in our network.”

If I set my search parameters correctly there are approximately 5,500 provider ads currently running on p411 world-wide.  Even though p411 is all about referrals and screening it is still true that once a client becomes a member of p411 why would he/she ever want to go back to the Russian Roulette of using Eros, Backpage, et. al., when it is far more reassuring to seek out providers with profiles on p411?  Actually p411 has a fairly robust search function for clients to seek out compatible providers and p411 allows providers to post “visiting” ads as well as their main profile, so in reality there is little or no reason to use any other site once you become a member, other than the review sites to check on p411 providers in more detail.  Maybe you use Eros, Backpage, TER and other sites to find new/visiting talent and certainly the review boards to validate p411 info, but again why would you ever bother seeing someone that wasn’t already a p411 member?  Unless you wish to find a TS of course, then it is back to spinning revolver cylinders…

Nowhere in Allison’s advertising materials have I ever seen her refer to p411 for screening purposes – maybe she has in the past and I just missed it but her current Eros ad does not mention p411.  There are only two GG Eros ads in DC out of 213 that mention p411 as a referral/screening source; however, there are 91 providers in DC with ads on p411.  Perhaps Eros is excluding ads that refer to p411 and a few still slip through anyway?  The same thing is true in Houston, only two GG Eros ads out of 110 mention p411, but there are 249 Houston ads on p411!  There are obviously quite a few ladies in Houston that no longer use Eros as a resource.  Preferred411 is clearly working in some markets.  Ladies if you are a p411 member be sure to list this screening option in your advertisements.  The more the ladies use p411 for screening the more clients will be incentivized to join p411.  The more p411 members seeking TS the more TS providers will join p411 and so on.  I do not see p411 as a replacement to TER and other such review websites.  P411 is indeed most complementary to review websites as providers couldn’t get to be p411 members without reviews in the first place and many providers list links to their reviews on these various websites in their p411 profiles.

Unfortunately one thing p411 does not do well at this time is identify TS providers.  Why should they?  Nearest I can tell there are a little more than a dozen TS providers with profiles on p411.  This is difficult to verify because there are only two ways to find them – search for TS/TG “activities” or search for keywords such as “transsexual”, “transexual”, or “shemale”.  Interestingly enough there are at least three TS with profiles on p411 who cannot be found using any of these search parameters, Allison being one of them!  [Allison - put the words shemale and transsexual somewhere in your profile and be sure to check the TS/TG activities option.]  If more TS providers became members you can bet that p411 would make some changes to their profiles to facilitate finding (or screening out, as the case may be) TS providers.

Here are links to all the TS Provider profiles I can find on p411 at this time:
TS Alena – Houston

TS Shemale Alexis – Seattle

TS Amazing Alie – Dallas

TS Allison – Washington, D.C.

TS Amilia - Chicago

TS Elle St Claire – Springfield, MA

Shemale Jane Bond – Detroit

TS Isabelle – Vancouver

Jemma – Silicon Valley, San Jose

TS Josie Couture – Austin

Shemale Kimberly Kisses – Las Vegas

TS Shemale Lola Toronto - Toronto

TS Miss Staycee Sands – Dallas

Shemale Tia Phoenix - Toronto

TS Tisha Dupree – Dallas

Most p411 ads/profiles are public, but some may only be accessible by members, so apologies in advance should you have any problems accessing any of the links above.

I know we’ll have to deal with the homophobes out there as usual but I have no reason to believe anything other than p411 is open to all reputable members of this broad community.  Generally the exchange of client/provider info is private on p411.  Members have an incentive to seek provider “Okays” which are visible to other providers when they access your profile – providers often set the criteria for which they will see a p411 client such as “basic+3” which means that someone is a member with three Okays.  A client’s profile can only be accessed by providers to whom the client has given their unique client ID and it is there that providers can see all of a client’s Okays and when they were last updated – if clients seek and receive TS provider Okays they will be listed here.  P411 also tracks all providers who access a client’s profile (I do not know if this can be seen by other providers but I would think not – only the Okays seem relevant).  So there may be enough privacy built in the system to deal with the homophobes but we could always ask p411 to provide more discretion in this area somehow.

I’d be very interested to learn of any other experiences our hobbyists or providers may have had with p411.  It seems to me to be a much needed option within the TS community.

Take care,

TS Tempted

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P411 seemd like a good alternate resource to find girls but i wonder how realistic their available escort numbers are. I searched for LA GG's and it said 311 escort ads found. When I clicked some of the ads in the #260 range I got a pop up that said "We're sorry. You've reached a page that does not exist!"
Now I REALLY QUESTION how true the ads that state "Information available to members only!" are.
$69.00 is a fair price but I'd like to know too if anyone has tried it

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... I got "invited" to join. It was after my Chicago trip, so I always wondered if it was used more in different regions of the US. I learned about it through 2 gentlemen I met out there. To be honest it was the first time I had been provided with referrals.
I wasn't sure I could mention it on eros. They don't allow you to mention TER by name or link, but can openly allude to it ( and anyone please correct me if this has changed)  I think I'll take your advice and look into that.

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The whole point is that p411 is NOT an escort mall.  Yes it can be used as a good place to look for ladies but it is primarliy a reference and screening source.  In that regard and as I said before, I've been a member for a while now and found p411 to be extremely reliable, not perfect, but certainly way better than just poking around Eros, Backpage, TER and so forth (pun intended). BTW you should ALWAYS look for multiple sources of confirmation even when perusing p411.

Remember that it is a really a "members only" site, again that's the whole point.  Some ladies profiles are available publicly but providers can restrict access to members only at their discretion and it is my understanding that they may also be able to make their profiles temporarily unavailable when they are busy or not taking new appointments.  Also remember that when searching ads or clicking on old links p411 does permit travelling ads which have a finite shelf life.  When you are not a member the site is not very navigation friendly so you will also get a lot of error messages trying to access information that is available to members only.

Give my regards to Lovey, Gilligan, Skipper and the rest of the crew!

Take care,

TS Tempted

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I have been a member of P411 for a few years. I've only used it to hook up with GG's, and for that it does work pretty well. I've found that ladies who require references have no problem with seeing you if you have a couple of recent ok's there, and they respond pretty quickly when you request a date with them through the appointment request option.

IMO, it would be a good option for advertising for TS ladies, but the only thing is they don't have a visiting, TS specific section. I could be wrong. When I am looking for a date there, I go to the city I am in, or planning on being in, and I don't know if you could move your ad around, if you had one, to be in different cities if you were going on a tour.

It has worked well for me. The people who run it are Canadians, eh? and seem to know what they are doing.

There are definitely some unenlightened gents and ladies out there, don't know if I would call them homophobes, but for sure have some hang ups with those of us who love TS ladies as well as GG ASP's. I think P411 would be a good alternative, or addition, to the advertising strategies of some of our lovely ladies.

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