Please make sure you are meet the right Ts Szilvia
TsSzilviaxxx 3171 reads
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Dear Gentlemen and First Timers;

My name is Ts Szilvia ( Jasmin Thai few year ago )

I post this ad because one of my client happen to see another Transsexual using my photos for her ad in Ohio. Her name is TS Sue Lee. Her phone is 312-316-0215. She even copy my text line as well.

Please stay away from TS Sue Lee.312-316-0215 right now she in  Lakewood Westside,cleveland.

I am so worry and feel kinda bad when i see the ad of her using my photos.So i called her and asked her to please remove my photos out of her ad.But she said she is the most beautiful girl no need for her to use another TS photos.Well that sound doesn't make any sense to me because her phone number is in that ad and my picture in it too. So i hope she will remove my photos.

But if she still using my photos for her ad or if i see someone using my photos for they ad. What should i do to fix this problem. If anyone know please tell me.

I love what i do very much and i am feel so sad that someone using my photos that i work so hard and paid so much for these photos. All my text line and everything i said in my ad i totally said it from my heart and from everything i love to do so when someone copy it well that's really suck!
Even my name i was Jasmin before and it because so many Jasmin out there so i change my name to Szilvia because i believe there won't be another Szilvia show up :)

So gentlemen

i post her link below please check it out..
You may check my personal website to get to know me more as well.

Thank you very much,

TS Szilvia.
P.S I will never change my name and my phone.

derrier 1128 reads
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im afirst timer in michigan  thank you for the heads up  ive been haveing a very hard time to try my first  to many phonies i missed ts india when she toured here  (ill never do that again) hope to see you cum this way  (need someone real and passable  ;) take care  and thanks again

TsSzilviaxxx 944 reads
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Dear Ts Sue Lee,

I'm sorry for misunderstanding you and I have talk with Ts Sue Lee this morning and she said she don't know anything about the ad and she not even in that area that the ad been posted.
I look at the ad today it change to someone else now and not Ts sue lee phone number anymore.
Well I have to say sorry for Ts Sue lee and hope she not get mad at me because of this drama.

So sorry girl.


LATSDog 1010 reads
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U missed Shana also Derrier......missing some amazing talent.....busy schedule?

joseq 890 reads
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Hi, Szylvia;will you be coming back to Boston anytime soon?

derrier 993 reads
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yes i did miss her to   i go on alot of golf outings (and wife is home on weekends)  im trying to be discrete  and careful  i think shana came on a weekend  those are not good for me  thanks szilvia  im trying

TsSzilviaxxx 1151 reads
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Hi honey,

I will going to Boston sometime soon.



EricWa 9 Reviews 347 reads
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I know I am replying to an old post buy is there any information out there about Szilvia?  It seems like she used to participate on this board but she does not have any reveiws and I cannot find any info.

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