mixed feelings about back page..
sashaligaya 1044 reads
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I don't know what it is but it seems like "most" guys (not all so don't get mad) that calls from back page are either rude or a cheapskate i mean come on if you're not going to be  nice were not gonna be nice either and don't feel so entitled may i add your already trying to bargain its just frustrating arghhhhhh...

and i have a good reputation as a really nice good provider so yeah I'm allowed to vent stuffs like this!!!!lol

nightshift151 512 reads
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Speaking from personal experience, you should never have to bargain with anyone. You provide an atmosphere that I feel few could match. In fact, I'd be hard pressed to say you have an equal. Your reputation speaks for itself. Unfortunately, some guys are just assholes who want something for nothing.

LATSDog 629 reads
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Analyzing each site, saying Eros had the highest paying customers, followed by the BP and CV then the paper

Who knows....Personally, I feel a guy in a 100K mercedes could pull over and call an ad from the LA Express and drop serious cash.  On the flip side, a free or almost free paper available to almost anyone does incent jokers, kids, and tight ass customers to exist.  I myself rate Eros, the BP, and CV on the same level these days, all have about the same fake pic factor.  Too bad.

deepfix 501 reads
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They are all plagued with the fake pics. I know for a fact I try to stick to a well reviewed girl and find her on at least two of the three sites. She will list a higher price on Eros(usually by a hundred........) than on BP or CV. For me its not about being a tight ass. In some cases I want to come back for seconds if I had a good session. Or it is a first visit and I am feeling her out(while she is feeling me out!). And maybe I am justifying being a tight ass............

tsbrooke See my TER Reviews 370 reads
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Backpage is not to be taken seriously. As a provider who is well-known for my well-endowed tool,I also find it very insulting when these guys call looking for the "bargain whore of the day". What's even more frustrating is that these cheap bastards have recently discovered Eros. I'm pretty sure it won't be too long before you start seeing $50 incall specials on Eros.

mychal3068 2 Reviews 356 reads
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Saw a TS in the Tampa area last year February, called her and asked for a 2 hour session, she quoted me
$200, I thought okay $400 for the 2 hours, she says no the $200 is for the 2 hours? I was kind of reluctant but took a chance, got to her place, it was in a very nice area, she opened the door, and was wearing a very sexy outfit, and a killer pair of heels, very beautiful girl? We talked for awhile, then decided to get down to business, I still gave her $400 for the 2 hours. The session was incredible, had a great time, after the session she asked me if I didn't mind could I drive her to pick up a friend, on the way I asked her why she asked for such a low donation? she told me that it was the last week in February
and I was only the second guy to call her that year, and the other guy did a no show! We pick up her friend who was another TS, also a very pretty girl, they tell me if I want the next time I can have them both for $200 an hour, I tell them to never sell yourself so short. They tell me that since the economy went south they have had to drop their prices because they just aren't getting any clients? The 3 of us have had 3 sessions since then, I dropped $800 on them every time for 2 hours, but they say the same thing even thou they have dropped their price, guys are still trying to offer them 40 or 50 for an hour, and they just refuse to do it!

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