The Erotic Highway

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Life is an Erotic Highway. Sometimes on that journey we all could use a little guidance. Let us help you navigate it, and have a bit of fun along the way. If you have questions or observations about sex, love, or the hobby, ask for us advice. We will do everything in our power to get you to your destination!

Please be aware that we are in no way physicians and that questions concerning medical conditions and prescription drug management issues will not be posted.


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Cardinal_Richelieu232 reads
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NiceGuyInCapital159 reads
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AHappyCamper168 reads
sympathyforthedevil154 reads
principium177 reads
bassrat51137 reads
principium154 reads
bassrat51114 reads
Riley00796 reads
sympathyforthedevil133 reads
principium107 reads
sympathyforthedevil93 reads
principium105 reads
herbtcat106 reads
sympathyforthedevil68 reads
camote1663 reads
airmantroy400 reads
sympathyforthedevil217 reads
herbtcat190 reads
asiantantric114 reads
vmalik105 reads
GaGambler100 reads
alex_hamilton83 reads
MintyFreshness610 reads
averagejoe38322 reads
sweetman318 reads
vmalik295 reads
bassrat51274 reads
MartyG606 reads
junglegym25403 reads
MartyG310 reads
junglegym25201 reads
Coach1437249 reads
hockeyman443304 reads
junglegym25279 reads
hobby48215 reads
Coach1437207 reads
sympathyforthedevil153 reads
Pirate2008195 reads
jbinMC90 reads
John_Laroche195 reads
asiantantric62 reads
DallasBella207 reads
GaGambler131 reads
hockeyman443112 reads
AHappyCamper597 reads
herbtcat146 reads
AHappyCamper127 reads
NiceGuyInCapital238 reads
AHappyCamper194 reads
berniebrunswick209 reads
junglegym25102 reads
AHappyCamper190 reads
AHappyCamper127 reads
junglegym25111 reads
go4milfsandgreek79 reads
sweetman582 reads
herbtcat275 reads
Falcons1231 reads
in_vino_veritas363 reads
LikeTearsInRain253 reads
goose6969236 reads
LikeTearsInRain163 reads
berniebrunswick396 reads
herbtcat233 reads
8pointbuck176 reads
Falcons1165 reads
berniebrunswick144 reads
sympathyforthedevil215 reads
berniebrunswick162 reads
sympathyforthedevil156 reads
AsianManNOVA170 reads
NiceGuyInCapital391 reads
go4milfsandgreek189 reads
go4milfsandgreek115 reads
LesterBurnham176 reads
LesterBurnham178 reads
NiceGuyInCapital150 reads
donbecker54471 reads
AHappyCamper222 reads
donbecker54139 reads
mrfisher133 reads
sweetman119 reads
junglegym25193 reads
donbecker5477 reads
RobbinYoung209 reads
tasarick176 reads
donbecker5485 reads
hwy2heaven128 reads
asiantantric407 reads
mrfisher241 reads
asiantantric183 reads
AHappyCamper224 reads
asiantantric161 reads
RobbinYoung239 reads
asiantantric171 reads
RobbinYoung178 reads
asiantantric137 reads
magoo251108 reads
TurbayVeronica64 reads
MartyG545 reads
sxfiendpark96256 reads
MartyG189 reads
AHappyCamper171 reads
herbtcat223 reads
MartyG116 reads
hwy2heaven149 reads
KL69069137 reads
RobbinYoung154 reads
robsul200437 reads
hungbuff89359 reads
AHappyCamper206 reads
herbtcat429 reads
hwy2heaven386 reads
magoo251438 reads
John_Laroche230 reads
hwy2heaven174 reads
junglegym25114 reads
donbecker5482 reads
John_Laroche152 reads
hwy2heaven102 reads
sympathyforthedevil588 reads
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