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the main ingredient in a successful and rewarding hobbying career is your reputation..agree?  or disagree? that is the question..

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Posted By: macdaddy1944
the main ingredient in a successful and rewarding hobbying career is your reputation..agree?  or disagree? that is the question..

Your reputation I would say is a one of the main ingredients in the hobby.Gents search for providers and based on their reputation he might be more inclined to set up an appointment.If a provider has a reputation of providing superb service and the gent is satisfied it is a mutually rewarding experience.
Just as there are hobbyists that have a wonderful reputation of being gentlemen and treating the ladies he sees with respect.His reputation has made it easier for him to communicate with providers and his fellow hobbyists in a beneficial way.There are some people whose reputation is not so good and those are the ones who might have a problem with business or securing an appointment.It could be bad service,rude board presence on different sites,safety issues,or the person could just be a plain nutcase!

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lol , reputation seriously on a fuck board?What as a BIG spender?Sorry I been doing this a couple years now and what makes me "happy " is beside me , not what anyone on this fuck board thinks I am or am not.

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Only one thing truly matters here ... MONEY.

Try showing up at the door sometime with no money and tell the lady ... "But everyone knows I'm a nice guy" ... and see how far you get.

Never taken any lady up on them. I have also had offers of free meal ladies treat when they came to town and that I have taken them up on. I don't want free pussy as that would be breaking word to my wife but a free lunch, that I am down for. I don't turn down food. That is why I am a big tub of lard.

I'm sure almost every hobbyist who has been around for a few months has gotten offers for "freebies" and/or OTC time. It's MARKETING 101. Sometimes you spend alittle money to make even more money.

Let's not be delusional. It's MONEY or the future promise of MONEY that gets you in the door. These lovely ladies are not here to give it away for free to "nice guys".

Look, I'm not a misogynist. I definitely believe it's possible a provider might spend time with you for reasons other then money as well ... but you have to admit. That's the exception in this world, not the norm.

If it was all about money in every case, you would ALL be getting offered the same things. I spend my time with those I actually get along with OTC...the others, pay in full for sex and that's about it. We have an agreement both ways. I doubt the guys who ONLY want me for sex and no companionship much give a flip if I won't go to dinner with them lol. Same for the reverse.

The OP said reputation is the "main ingredient" in being a hobbyist, I'm saying that's completely false. First, a hobbyist has to have the real "main ingredient" and that is MONEY. You may like seeing a guy because he's nice, good looking, clean, great in bed, or any number of reasons. You may offer him more "services" or OTC then other guys because of these things, but what got him in the door to begin with??? ... MONEY. It's called P4P for a reason. How many free sessions do you give away a week to guys solely because they have a "good reputation"?

Hell ...  this is only a tiny fraction of the escort/client population in the world here on TER. Reputation has almost no meaning in P4P really.

I never thought I would say this but ... where is CPA when I need him?

we would all be meeting in bars for free not on TER. Without the money, the rep would not matter. Gotcha!

I am talking about people both ladies and fellow hobbyists coming into town for pleasure or just a short layover and wanting to met me and offering to feed me. Not marketing at all as there is little or in the case of the guys ever making a dime off of me. There are people that if they came to town I would gladly buy a few rounds for and/or feed if they came to town if my heath was good enough when they came. Why? Because I respect the hell out of them. Reputation is important. That is my point.

I have had free dinners with a provider. I have had a free "session" with a provider. I have had lots of OTC time as well. Big Fucking Deal. It's common place. It wasn't my repuation, it's chemistry. Dinner with another hobbyist? Can't think of something that interests me less.

The OP didn't say reputation is important. He said it was the "main" thing.

Did either of you pay with your "reputation" at these dinners or did the restaurant require money? I don't think too many hobbyists will be getting laid around here trying to pay with their "reputation" instead of money either.

When you dissect his post as you did, of course MONEY is the "main" thing, but that was not what he was trying to convey. He meant "Reputation means a lot" even in the hobby, but saying it was the main or only thing that mattered was not 100 percent correct. Now, can we all agree on that? Great!

one who came up with this whole "money is the main thing, not rep." Give him a break already, being most of us got wtf he was "trying" to say. Not everyone writes in a way that it is spelled out for everyone to fully get the gist of it...most of us did though. Sorry, you had to dissect his post to the point of an all out argument because I doubt that's what he had in mind. The boy was simply trying to say that your rep means a lot around here, and trust me it does to an extent. The mere fact that the OP has six likes, suggests more than ONE person understood what he was trying to get across.

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Your overall reputation isn't helped much by even engaging in this market at all. If what any individual did here was public, they would have no shred of decent reputation. Its kind of like saying, reputation is what matters between you and your dope dealer. Reputation is what matters between you and your Swiss Banker. People with reputations don't have aliases. Especially not aliases of aliases.

Its all about money and risk is the secondary factor with a dash of selfishness. Reputation requires the light of day.

It saddens me to read that there are that many who you feel this way about. I meet my clients if i am asked for a drink especially if I have free time and am close to where we can meet. It does not happen
often but I consider it a compliment to be asked to meet for a drink or lunch if I have time and he is
a regular and I have also met gentlemen who have an appointment that same day and just before , meeting to relax before the personal time really has made for a better time spent together.


and see where your money ends up. No matter the context or the business, integrity is still appreciated. I have seen MANY guys based more on their board rep than what they were willing to pay. Humor and a thick skin both go a long way in my book. I don't care how much a guy is willing to spend...if he is overly sensitive or a whiney brat who gets his feelings hurt, we are not going to hit it off.

Sure there board rep is important to you, as it is with most  providers.But that has to do with  his ability to put up a review of you and the number of members on here that will follow that review(see you.)Not to mention the number of times he will shill (directly or indirectly.)
 It's why agencies give heavy discounts to"respected members", they know xyz... will shill there ass off for them , and put up good reviews.
Please Ma'am I am not attacking you,just pointing out the "good business sense"that is "the" reality.

a guy has or how long he has been around...that would be beneficial business wise, yes. I am merely talking about guys who I am attracted to from their posts alone..makes no difference if Shrek walks in after that point. Guys who are kind but not kiss ass, can write with somewhat intellect, and those who don't whine every time a hooker of all people knows more about a subject than they do.  Guys who are not all over alert sections, don't haggle, show up on time etc. That's what I mean by rep...nothing to do with business. If I wanted more business, I would not be such a bitch.

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Question can be interpreted differently, as seen in previous answers.

Money is the result of success (for providers) in hobbyland.

Performance and/or Appearance are the key(s) to success.

Reputation will generally follow P &A, but many other factors including just plain luck enter into the mix.

I think it trumps even Shakespeare.

I agree with you to an extent Mac, but there are exceptions on both sides. Ladies desperate for money will always see a guy who has treated other ladies like crap. Guys wanting something cheap will always see a provider who is young and hot but sucks at TCB skills. Rep only means something to certain people...I try and choose who I see wisely even if they are paying. Money is not everything if you're pulling your damn hair out!

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Hey MacDaddy,

In spite of what a few have said on this thread, a good reputation goes a LONG way!

Whether or not the providers check out the hobbyist's reputation during her background check, I still value my reputation.

It only takes ONE provider to ruin it all and all of the effort that I put into building up that reputation.

Same concept goes for the providers. Some providers may have great reviews and ratings, but that does NOT equate to a good reputation. That's where I ask the other hobbyists for their feedback... privately.


Posted By: macdaddy1944
the main ingredient in a successful and rewarding hobbying career is your reputation..agree?  or disagree? that is the question..

your reputation..be it good or bad..will always precede you..

In the world to spend on a lady. I am only going to spend it on a lady who has a good reputation. So money may get me in the door, but it is a ladies reputation as a good provider that makes me even want to knock on her door in the first place.  I don't go out and eat at at places who have a reputation of having poor food and bad service. I go someplace because I hear they have good/great food or good/great service. The reputation makes me want to spend my money with them.

First, who cares about the providers reputation. Read the OP again. This thread is about YOUR reputation, the hobbyist.

Second, he didn't say having a good reputation is a nice thing to have. He didn't say having a good reputation is important. I wouldn't argue those points. He said its the MAIN thing you need.

I could be labeled a psycho on every blacklist site on the internet. My reputation would be shit. Yes, I wouldn't be able to see the well reviewed ladies here on TER. So what? Most escorts don't even check those sites. Most escorts don't have anything to do with TER. I could go anywhere overseas and see an escort with ease. Get on Eros, BP, or Cityvibe and make an appointment no problem. My bad reputation would only hurt me with a small portion of the overall P4P world.

What's the one thing that I MUST have to see an escort anywhere in the world though? MONEY!!! This isn't rocket science.

Mr. Wilde (Repairer of Reputations).

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