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What makes you...teeth_smile
QueenBia See my TER Reviews 402 reads

want to click the like button?  Maybe I overly, like using the like button.  I admire photos & have to hit the like, or I am agreeing with a post, so I hit the like button.  I want to know what makes you hit the like button?

I don't have social media, but assume this is where the idea came from of the like button.  Any takers?  lol Smile 4 me!

I like if I strongly agree, but I'm too lazy to post a +1 or have nothing to add by posting a follow-up comment

I like if I find the post entertaining/amusing. again, too lazy for a stand alone LOL reply.

I'll like a pic on the photo only board if a provider is very attractive and is posting an unblurred image.

On rare occasion, I may like a post rather than add my own comment to give approval but remain anonymous.

Maybe it's something about the new TER format, but I tend to LIKE things less often and  I see fewer LIKES on posts than before. Or, maybe all the boards are as dead or dying as this one.

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