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Comic-Con Photos.....teeth_smile
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Another San Diego Comic-Con has come and gone. It was full of crowds, celebs and fun - am I right?

Ladies, I'd love to see photos of y'all having a great time, enjoying the Comic-Con scene! Cosplay pix would be even more awesome!

If y'all don't mind, I created this topic thread because I'd like to keep the Comic-Con fun to continue for a little while longer.

So, I hope you ladies will participate. Thank you in advance!

Did you go to Con? Gosh darn Hall H 😂
I think so many guys on this board hate Downtown lol, but it was a fun time. Unfortunately I don't have ant photos of myself :(

Yes, I was there for the entire week!

However, I was "booth-locked" (meaning that I was too busy working at my booth).
It was located up on "the Mezz."

I'm bummed that you don't have any photos of yourself, tho...

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