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Double's partner?
CaseyMaeConnect 445 reads

I'm looking for a double's partner in the area. I get a serious girly boner for androgynous artsy types. Hit me up please!:)

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You may want to try posting in the PO forum.  If you have a website, or link to your photos, or ad that would help.  Maybe link your reviews to your profile.  I am always looking for a doubles partner, but it is hard to take you seriously with no photos to view.  A girlie boner...interesting choice of words.  My pussy tends to get wet when I see a hot female I would not mind romping.

CaseyMaeConnect19 reads

The forum folks wouldn't allow me to link my reviews so here they are. Hopefully I can post this:

I have tried getting into the PO forum but have not been allowed in.

TER has always been very helpful & they only allow the provider to link to their reviews. No one else can request for you.  You tried reporting a problem on your profile &/, or link to your reviews?

They should have no problem linking your reviews to your profile.  You only need 2, or 3 reviews to be allowed in the PO forum.  I would contact TER for help.  You seem to qualify.  Try again. I like your photos & know several photographers who can do a better job editing your tattoos.  I delete mine as well.  I will send you a pm.

Thanks for sharing.  You have excellent reviews. xoxo

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