San Diego

Who is Mariana????
lickthestick 946 reads

OK, I know everyone here could care less but i have to ask....she is listed as #1 in San Diego! She was here once at the beginning of the month for a week. Her p411 says home is friggn' Ohio.  WTF....

John_Laroche19 reads

There are so many things wrong with the Top 100 list and this is just one of them.

It does make me wonder if any provider does the math to figure out where she could be #1 and chooses that as an alternate city.

No dog in this particular hunt, but 5 or 6 of her last 10 reviews are from 'guys' who only have one review. Lets put it this way, if your very first foray in to the review world here on TER is with a 700 dollar an hour escort, I'm probably going to be a bit skeptical.

And her personal web site pics are not from San Diego. Does she travel to SD to work, maybe, maybe not.


There are providers that have shills put up fake reviews?!!   I'm shocked, shocked I say!!!

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sansfrancisco14 reads

I went to see her, left after 2 minutes... tried to post a review to warn other TER fellows but the review was rejected for lack of details... let’s just say the pictures are far from representative...

Yup, but ter could care less unless the provider complains about the low rating.  

There are other girls in the top echelon who don't belong there.

You guys are so easily manipulated.  A sucker is born every minute.

TER turns a blind eye to it.  They want numbers not truth....when I admitted to one fucking fake review, albeit it was a year old they band me.....thanks Karly....

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