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Is this board still alive?
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Or surviving on life support devices?

Yours is the FIFTH post this week and I'm sure there'll be another one by Monday. Cheers!

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Just trying to pump some life into the board

I've been away for my birthday vacation and see it's been active in my absence. It feels so good to be home 😊

Where did you vacation? I went to Germany and Prague

Hawaii, for once I got a tan without burning! Europe is on my list for next year, where is your favorite place in Europe?

Without a doubt Italy then Switzerland.  Italy mainly for th food, art, and wine. Switzerland for the natural beauty.

Bordellos are legal in Switzerland and they have a lot of beautiful Brazilian women

Don't miss Spain and Greece for debauchery, beauty, and nudity;  
nude, semi-nude, and "bikini" beaches...
All lovely and sensual indeed!
Angelina Jones

Going to Madrid in November then Tokyo in December but both trips are for work. I get at least two free days on each trip so I'm sure that I'll find some type of kink and debauchery

in Tokyo were the vending machines selling soiled panties that were worn for a few days and supposedly contained all of the scents you might expect in dirty underwear.  Sat on a bench and watched in curiosity for awhile, and observed most of the Japanese men doing the buying were in their early 20's and 70's to  80's.  (I assume for whacking material, but who knows?  Maybe they boil them and make soup!   Lol)

Are you trying to be funny or are you serious? I can never tell when it comes to your responses.

Please don't take offense to my comment. I've been to Tokyo several times and I find that there is so much to do and see that I couldn't fathom sitting on a park bench to observe who solicits a panty vending machine.  While I've never seen a panty vending machine in Japan, I don't doubt that they exist since I have actually seen the beer vending machines in the train stations.  

Tokyo is like NYC on steroids but it differs by being a homogeneous society whereas NYC is a melting pot.  

Once again, no offense is intended in my observation.

to be funny on the part about making soup.  THAT part was not serious.  This was about four years ago when I was visiting a former LA working girl and she wanted to show me the seedier side of Tokyo.  Its not like the city is saturated with panty machines, but they were in the Akihabara district that had bars, clubs, sex shops and strip joints.  Didn't see any in the center of the financial district.  Lol

If you want to go grosser than used panties, there are vending machines that also sell small containers of spit, urine and feces.  Gag!  (When I say Gag, I'm referring to gag reflex, not my friend GaGambler.  He's not into any of this stuff as far as I know.)

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Re: Biggest gross-out for me . . . .
Are you trying to be funny or are you serious?
He's serious. Ikebukuro (north of Shinjuku on the JR Yamanote line) is full of rather unusual stuff like that...

The one who gets involve always get trolled by... well trolls

And I guess everyone got tired of it and prefer keeping things on the down low.
I tried to start so,e subject they do not get approve by admin...
So I gave up  
So many gave up  

It is a pity

survives or thrives on those willing to get involved.  You search the top 10 posters for San Diego and even though some of the handles and aliases have changed, it’s populated by many of the same folks it’s always had.  

come up with some new topics kids. quite whining about inflation or outing gals with new handles. liven it up a bit. don’t be so harsh. don’t have such a thin skin.  

be interesting

and your suggestion for a new topic would be....

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