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Tightest Kitty
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I think most guys agree a tight kitty feels great especially when wearing a condom. By searching the reviews I can find some providers that get consistent accolades for a tight one. However it is not possible to search specific keywords in reviews making it a a difficult task going the review search route. Any recommendations mongers would like to provide is highly appreciated. Feel free to PM as well. I would be happy to exchange intel

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Hmmm, a very subjective statement, meaning I have read where some guys have mentioned a lady they seen was so tight they didn't last long. I have seen the same ladies and they felt normal to me ( not bragging but have been told numerous times I am rather girthey ). What I have found and only my opinion is the better the connection the better the feel....................

Thanks for updating me on the size of your shlong....note well taken

"Exchange Intel" do you mean on the ONE provider you reviewed, but then the review disappeared?  Lol

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Is your resolution in 2018 to be twice as annoying? Is that even possible?  You are off to a good start little man.

you say you want to trade intel.  I have 180 girls to trade intel on from my reviews.  You have ONE review that seems to have disappeared.  Did TER remove it because the girl reported it as fake?   Who in their right mind would waste their time trading intel with a Newbie with no reviews?  So before you make a fool of yourself anymore than you have already done with this arrogant thread, why not see about 50 girls and write reviews so you will be taken seriously about trading intel?  Just a suggestion.  I would be saying the same thing to someone asking to trade intel from an alias.  People like you are always annoyed when you can't answer a legitimate question based on something you said, so I can't help that you are annoyed.  

Is that what we call a cyber bitch slapping, lol.......

> Is your resolution in 2018 to be twice as annoying?

God I hope so. CDL is the only reason I lurk the boards anymore...

Where have you been?  I was starting to think you fell in love with a provider and got married!!  Lol

No, no love for me yet lol. I was dating this crazy asian girl I met on tinder for awhile, which collapsed in a fairly spectacular fashion due to the aforementioned insanity.

That, and I took a hobby break to funnel some cash into crypto currencies instead of lil sauce, and used tinder to keep from going crazy. I had a sugar baby going into this, but she found a boyfriend and that fell apart, so I've been doing it the old fashioned way for a few months. It's been lucrative at least, but certainly not as fun.

When you say "doing it the old fashioned way," you mean seducing civvie girls, not using your hand instead, right?  Lol

Yes, seducing civvie girls, or as I call them, tinder-ella's.  

It's not terribly hard, just way more work.

lol the pussy is a muscle, so if you work it, like any other muscle it improves.  I workout.  I also, do kegel exercises. I know my prestigious pussy is tight.  I play with myself often, and the more I use this great muscle the tighter it gets.  I have seen it written in a few of my new reviews.  lol Smile 4 me!

I've been thinking about trying this laser that's supposed to make your pussy tighter than a virgin lol. It's two treatments but I'm scared of having lasers down there haha

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