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swingers club
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any provider interested in swingers club adventure in san diego?  

Let me know  


We will be in SD at the end of September (9/26-27). We could have a small group playdate with your atf or another lady...a private club if you will ;-)

Tori & Nick

I have been to one was fun!


Zuli, did you participate or did you merely watch the action?

The club I go to was here in San Diego.....they had a swimming pool and jacuzzi....I  dont remenber the name of it...but was an old house that was very big......They had a room for couples and a room for the men....I participated in it all...  it was very fun.....The house was a little old, there were some older people not nice looking and overweight  but some nice people too...

Spotless, and Referenced members whom attend.
They're a blast!

Xo  Angelina Jones

Either would be the perfect choice. Both are experienced and committed to making sure you have a great time.

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