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A question for the guys
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Have you ever gotten dressed after the post meeting shower and found your wallet in the wrong pocket? It has happened twice to me now, and when I ask, the provider knows nothing.

I never, ever, bring a wallet to someone else's incall, and I never have a wallet in my pants (or anywhere else obvious) if she's meeting me for an outcall. Cash goes in a thank you card from hallmark in my back pocket, my phone, condom case, and car key in my front pocket, and that's it.

Your wallet has all sorts of PII, which makes it a liability. It can live under the seat of your car and be perfectly secure.  

Why trust someone who's more or less a stranger when you can put yourself in a position to *not have to* trust them?

a wallet into an incall is an unnecessary risk. I use small envelopes for the donation/fee.  I always take a little more cash for a tip that I just have loose in my pocket, and car keys, that's it.  Credit cards, ID, etc., should be left in the car, IMO.  No good can come of having them with you when you're seeing a provider that you just met.  

I have a very minimalist wallet - driver license, credit card, and some cash. I always go into an incall with my wallet. The reasons:

1. If, during the session, I have a medical emergency or die, it's much better to have an identification on my body.
2. If I get busted by LE, not having any identification on me may make things worse.
3. If my car gets stolen or vandalized, my wallet is not stolen with it.

To prevent OP's situation, I don't leave the provider alone with my pants for extended time. If I expect solo shower, I undress inside the bathroom. Then I carry my pants out into the room. At the end if I take another shower, I carry my pants into the bathroom again. The only challenge might be to remember to take the pants in and out -- not a problem for me since I'm a paranoid person.

is why you would care if they can easily ID your body if you die at the incall?  I would prefer to let the provider have the freedom to spin any tale she wants about who I am and how it happened.  I won't be able to dispute it.  All she has to do is dress me and make sure not to get my underwear on backwards or inside out, then say anything she wants.

Nothing like that has happened to me recently.  But, when I was much younger and careless,  I travelled to Mexico and invited a young lady back to my hotel.  To make a long story short, we got drunk and fell asleep.  When I woke up I had a splitting headache and all my cash was lifted from my wallet.  The culprit was missing too.  
Funny thing that I wasn't angry at her.  I figured I was to blame most for inviting her in. LOL, I learned a valuable lesson then.

It is tragic that she thieved you Sir!

Short of a few reputably referenced Hobbyists trying to  
a) short me considerable money
b) pass fake benjamins
c)  trying to slip the jimmy off  

I know the sting of being betrayed as such.

With regards to how I conduct safety assurances that I have in place,
for my guests, as our mutual integrity and safety is paramount:

I have over-the-door hooks on both my bedroom doors and in the bathroom.
I encourage clients to hang their clothes on any of those, thus in plain view.
I have spacious tables also in their view to place glasses, phone, keys, or whatever,
so neither of us will forget it prior to their departure.

I have lint rollers should an errant hair need removal from clothing, very thick wipes
to remove anything if one declines a post-tryst shower, a large selection of new toothbrushes,
and a nice pat on the azz to get you out the door in a timely manner.

Mutual trust is all we can really rely on.  If I haven't that with a guest, then I don't desire to
ever see them.

"In Angelina Jones One Shall Trust"

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I always bring my wallet, incase vice or the pimp needs to verify my name and address....

I never bring my wallet to an incall. There is no reason to bring it.

It baffles me the audacity of some people's fucking kids these days.  It's like the Golden rule I live by is a long lost art form not often seen anymore...  I'm like hello!!??  Anyone ever heard of "Do unto others as you would have done unto you" before?!?!  Holy fuck me running it's getting out of control.  I think we should just go back to the days where I ya lost a hand for thieving. Or at least a thumb.  Lol

Keep on keeping on and be the change you wish to see in the world.  I have hope, for most people are inherently good.  

Happy labor day all!!  


the right thread?   Or the right board?  Of are you PUI?  You comment doesn't relate to anything he OP said.

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